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What’s To See At The Stellenbosch Toy & Miniature Museum?

What’s to see at the Stellenbosch Toy & Miniature Museum?

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If you live in Stellenbosch you may have heard about the toy and miniature museum in town. If you have heard about the museum but have no idea where it is located or haven’t been round for a visit, rest assured – you are not alone! We have compiled a short Q&A on the toy museum which will hopefully give you answers to all the questions you may have about this historical gem in town.

What is there to see at the toy museum?

The miniature toy museum is a trip down memory lane to days before iPads and electronic devices. Not only does the museum host exhibits of antique teddy bears and dolls, toy china tea sets and other antique toys; visitors also go to the museum to see two remarkable miniature replicas: the blue train and the original manor house of Uitkyk Wine Estate. The replica of the blue train showcases the train on its Cape Winelands route from Stellenbosch all the way up to the Matjiesfontein train station in the Karoo. The manor house of Uitkyk is displayed in the main room at the entrance of the museum. Every little detail has been attended to in this little house, from copper cookware in the kitchen to the peach pit and wooden floors of the original manor house. Also worthy to mention is the huge array of Dinky toys on display in museum. Boys and car enthusiasts alike will enjoy browsing this large exhibition of these tiny cars.

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Where is the toy museum located?

There are two ways to get to the toy museum:

1. Park in the parking area behind Checkers (next to Mugg & Bean), walk through the small  gate into the garden (the gate is on the opposite side of the Checkers entrance) and then follow the path which will take you straight past the front door of the toy museum.


2. Park in Market street near the Tourist and  Information Bureau. On the right hand side of the Bureau you will see a low white washed wall with a small gate. Go through the gate and follow the garden path. The toy museum is the first manor house that faces you. Below are some visual directions from the info bureau to the toy museum:

Here is a picture of the manor house that houses the toy museum:

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What are the entrance fee and open hours?

OPEN Mon – Fri 09:00 – 16:30 & Sat 09:00 – 14:00

CLOSED on Sundays, Christmas Day & Good Friday

Fees are R15 per adult and R5 per child between 3 and 16 years.

What age group of children will enjoy a visit to the toy museum?

Babies and toddlers may not understand the significance of the exhibitions or miniature replicas but some toys like the cars and dolls may still catch their attention if you want to take your older children to the museum and have to take them along. Older children will definitely be able to appreciate the miniature replicas of the Uitkyk manor house and blue train – especially if you take the time to point out noteworthy objects and landmarks. My three-year old daughter really enjoyed and appreciated the replica of the Uitkyk Manor which, in her eyes, was a cute little doll’s house, but I had to point out the details to her.

More about a trip to the toy museum…

A visit to the toy and miniature museum is a great rainy day activity or an interesting educational trip to give children a glimpse into what the world was like when toys were still handmade and did not run on batteries. The toy museum has bathroom facilities for your convenience.

Market Street, Stellenbosch | 021 882 8861 | visit the website

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