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Wakaberry Healthy Fun For The Kids

Wakaberry healthy fun for the kids

We just got back from vacation at the beginning of January and Stellenbosch was quiet. Extremely quiet. No students whatsoever. Only a couple of residents who came back from holiday early (or maybe never left Stellenbosch at all). Some tourists walking up and down in Church street. Oh, and us, who were back in town because my husband started working on the first Monday of January.

Inside Wakaberry

Still in the holiday mood, we wanted to get out of the house and we were really craving some ice cream so we decided to go grab some Italian ice cream in town. As we were parking the car in Church street it started drizzling and by the time my husband got the stroller out of the car it was literally pouring (I know! In the middle of summer! In Stellenbosch!). Italian ice cream was suddenly out of the question but we already had the kids out of the car and were standing on the sidewalk under the verandah of a curio shop. What could we do?

Undecided we, still under the verandah, walked around the corner into Andringa street and spotted the Wakaberry store. Although we have noticed the shop opening in Stellenbosch about a year earlier, we have actually never been inside. Still raining and with a busy two-year old running around on the sidewalk our choice was very much made for us.

We went inside and the aforementioned two-year old literally ran for the play area. Apparently we were not the only family with kids out on this rainy afternoon in Stellies. Another couple was sitting with two small kids at one of the tables and another mom was chilling (Haha! Get the pun?) besides the foozeball table where her two primary school-aged children were having a blast.

So, why did I discover do these families think that this is a cool hangout (Haha, again!) with the kids? One factor, that is pure kiddie genius in my eyes, is that the store has fun and colourful decor that is attractive as well as visually stimulating for children. Another factor is the bonus of the entertainment being under-roof which is a biggie in Stellenbosch as venues with indoor play areas/ rooms remain scarce. This is at least one place where you can go even when its raining.

It also way-cool that the frozen yoghurt and toppings are self-service – you pay a fixed amount per 100 grams. Kids really enjoy picking out their own frozen yoghurt and toppings. Yeah, it may at times be hard to stop them from creating the perfect yoghurt storm in a cup, but that is life with kids. The frozen yoghurt tastes more like yoghurt than ice cream and it has a slight tanginess to it. I know it is supposed to taste like yoghurt but it tastes more like real yoghurt than other frozen yoghurt brands that I have tried. Some people may not like the sourness but for myself it makes the frozen yoghurt seem more healthy – funny how the mind works?


I am always looking for new kiddies’ party venues in Stellenbosch and it is very good to know that Wakaberry will also help you throw a birthday party for your child. For R250 you can book space in the store and then pay per head according to the party package you choose. A bowl of frozen yoghurt is included in the party pack each child receives. Check out their website to view their two party package options:

If you are in the mood for some Wakaberry’s delicious frozen yoghurt after reading this post click here to find out how to enter our fantastic competition and stand a chance to win a Wakaberry voucher worth R50.

Why Wakaberry is kiddie-friendly?

  • Healthy frozen yoghurt to eat
  • Fun, cool furniture and decor
  • Play area for youngsters and toddlers incl. playhouse, toys, small tables and chairs
  • Foozeball table and board games for older children (and grownups)
  • Ramps for prams/ strollers
  • Changing room on ground level
  • Stairs leading to bathrooms upstairs are secured with a safety gate for babies/ toddler

PS: Wakaberry Stellenbosch closed down in 2015. It then reopened in Church Street. Alas, no more play area!

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