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Vrede En Lust Does The Babysitting For You

Vrede en Lust does the babysitting for you

I am starting with this lovely wine estate first simply because this is top on my husband’s list of kiddie friendly wine farms. He simply loves visiting this wine estate for coffee or lunch. I admit that we first visited the Vrede en Lust wine estate after watching the movie “SemiSoet”. Brilliant marketing, I might add, to have your wine estate written into a movie script and it worked on us!

Cotage Fromage is the coffee shop on the wine estate and the staff here is super friendly towards kids. Yeah! 🙂 We’ve been there twice for coffee and lo loves it! There are high chairs for the babies/ toddlers as well as toy boxes to keep the lo’s occupied. On weekends they offer a baby sitting service so that mom and dad can relax and enjoy their good food. If the weather’s sunny you can sit outside, but don’t let cold weather stop you. The interior is child-friendly with nothing on crawling-eye-level that can be grabbed and broken. And there is enough room to manouevre a pram around inside. I am just sorry that I didn’t visit the bathroom on either of our two visits – I so want to tell you that it is a baby changing and nursing heaven, but I can’t, because I haven’t seen it! Oh, well, next time… ‘Cause there will definitely be a next time!

Baby-friendly:  9/10

Kid-friendly:  7/10

Adult-friendly:  9/10

Why Vrede en Lust is child-friendly?

  • Kiddie-friendly staff
  • High chairs for little ones to sit in
  • Toy boxes
  • And get this: a nanny service on premises if you don’t want to be on the lookout for kids going AWOL while you are having your coffee. This is what I call “having your cake and eating it”!

PS: I am sad to announce that Cotage Fromage closed for business at the end of May 2013. I regard this as a true loss for child-friendly venues in the Winelands. Vrede en Lust is currently looking for a new tenant on their premises.

Thestellenboschmom will visit the new restaurant as soon as one opens on the estate. 🙂

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