Inspiration for our new home

Inspiration for our new home

Romanticism, tradition, nostalgia, and comfort.

In this fast-paced and increasingly digital world, it can be comforting to surround ourselves with nostalgia. Adorning our homes with a vinyl record player in the living room or an antique clock in the kitchen serves as a charming décor element and reminds us to slow down and settle in. That is, in part, the inspiration for our new home, Heeren Huijs, which we have been planning meticulously over the past year. Heeren Huijs embodies many of these moods and styles you might expect when stepping into an antique store, such as romanticism, tradition, nostalgia, and comfort.

Our main aim with this project is to create a cocooning environment with a sophisticated feel adorned with vintage-inspired décor and details. What I find most inspiring about vintage décor is that there is more than one way to do it.

Even colours and tones can be as timeless or contemporary as your interior requires. Inspired by the outdoors, one of our main colour choices might be olive – a perfectly muted accent to be paired with warm, woody tones and traditional heirloom pieces. 

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