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Here, at The Stellenbosch Mom, I’m all about sharing new ideas and information about places and people that inspire me. For some of the readers, this platform might be their go-to blog when it comes to finding new child-friendly and environmentally conscious activities and places, but there’s a whole creative side that you might not know about.

I have a talented creative team that help me with a variety of different projects, besides the blog. We’ve worked on incredible design projects together, but I have to admit, that personally, my favourite “projects” have been the bespoke events and birthday parties that I’ve put together for my loved ones. I especially find arranging beautifully put-together and wholesome children’s parties really exciting.


So, why am I telling you this? Well, with all the special occasions being postponed or called off due to Covid-19 this year, I think going forward we should really celebrate birthdays and loved ones (and any occasion for that matter) by really going the extra mile – whether you want to go big or keep it intimate and small. Perhaps now, more than ever, you’ve also realised that nothing “normal” and everyday should ever be taken for granted ever again.

Some inspiration

I wanted to share some creativity and inspiration that might motivate you during this time to start planning and working on something extraordinary for the ones you love. Creating something really special with all the wonderful suppliers we have here in Stellenbosch is really just a few clicks away. Why not use the next family celebration in your calendar to get creative and spend some time planning your next event and conceptualising the details.

I’ve created a gallery below with some of the kiddies birthday parties that I’ve done for our family over the past two years. After going through all our albums and sorting out pictures during this time at home, I decided to share these with you if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Or, if you don’t know where to start or which suppliers to use, I’m here to help. I’ve put together a bespoke events service that will guide you in the right creative direction if you want to do something special. For more information you are welcome to contact me here

If you care about attention to detail then this is for you. Otherwise I’m sure these bright and beautiful images will brighten up your day in some way or another.

Happy Spring!

Please note: All images are subject to copyright. Do not use without written permission from The Stellenbosch Mom.

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