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Thumbs-up For Tokara

Thumbs-up for Tokara

“Tokara is the embodiment of GT Ferreira’s philosophy that good wine, good food and good art go together to make a good lifestyle” and we wholeheartedly agree. The entire farm is a multi sensorial experience that brings together fine wine, real, wholesome food and beautifully crafted art. The owner is an avid supporter of the fine arts and the winery entrance houses a gallery of curated artworks that extends into a sculpture garden at the Delicatessen’s entrance. It’s lovely to be able to enjoy such a stunning display of local artworks on a day out with the family. And for us, the state-of-the-art playground that stimulates all the senses is truly what sets the experience apart.

My husband and I visited Tokara with our two daughters and a friend, in tow. Our aupair, Inge, joined us as well and all-round a magnificent time was had. There is ample space for the kids to play outside, with the added bonus of being able to explore the vineyard next to the Deli as well.

Besides being able to take in the magnificent views of the surrounding mountains, the big glass windows of the Deli allowed us to watch the kids play from inside. With this extra peace of mind, we could really enjoy the ambience of the Deli itself, as well as all the intriguing décor and delicious preservative-free farm produce on sale and the simple, wholesome food that’s on the menu.

All this makes for a truly relaxing environment for parents and a fun day out for the kids. The bird’s nest next to the old big tree is also a glorious highlight.

  • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly – Tokara’s approach to food is slanted towards organic and seasonal and their respect of nature and the environment is clear. Even the jungle gym is organic!
  • Safe for children – The wooden jungle gym on sweeping lawns ensure the kids can play in a stimulating and safe environment, while parents can easily keep an eye from inside the Deli. Usually, on the deck outside, there’s a box of toys for the little ones as well.
  • Socially responsible – Tokara stocks fresh farm produce and artisanal products in support of local craftsmen and producers.
  • Soulful – Staff are friendly and helpful and the smell of fresh artisanal bread from the bakery sure makes one feel at home.

Nice to know:

Tokara Deli is one of the few places that I’ve visited that has a beautiful and well-equipped baby room at the restroom area, which makes it really pleasant and stress-free to change a diaper. They also have baby arm chairs available.

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