The ultimate family getaway to the Seychelles

The ultimate family getaway to the Seychelles

During the recent school holidays, our family embarked on an enchanting visit to the Seychelles. We were so excited to discover that the Club Med resort there had recently been revamped. Our decision to make Seychelles our family-friendly holiday haven was driven, in part, by its proximity. With three little adventurers in tow, we were keen to avoid the fatigue of long-haul flights, and we also wanted to explore an island destination beyond Mauritius. To say that we had a fantastic experience is an understatement. While the resort offers plenty of kids-clubs activities, our children opted instead to spend our 10-day stay together as a family – and we loved that! It was a time where our bonds grew stronger and our laughter resonated even louder: a true testament to the extraordinary joy of togetherness.

Where to stay

Discover your own private paradise at Club Med Seychelles.

Imagine immersing yourself in the serene embrace of nature, where lush greens merge with tranquil blues and tiny islands dot the endless expanse of the Indian Ocean. At the heart of the Seychelles archipelago and a protected national marine park, lies the enchanting island of Saint Anne. A place like ot other, it is exclusively home to the Club Med Seychelles Resort.

Here, you and your loved ones can rediscover your inner Robinson Crusoe, surrendering to total harmony with nature. Many of the activities are directly connected to the Indian Ocean and its sublimely beautiful scenery. Whether it’s an exhilarating trek, free diving or an effortless glide in a glass-bottomed kayak, every activity is a pathway to wellbeing and joy, crafted to bring smiles to every member of the family.

​​Sainte Anne Island is located 3 km northeast of Mahé and the airport, a 15-minute boat ride away. The island stands as the radiant jewel of the Seychelles archipelago and is also part of the Sainte Anne Marine National Park.

Club Med Seychelles at a glance

  • Located on Sainte Anne private island
  • 3km from Mahé and 30min from Victoria Seychelles Airport
  • Room types: Superior/ Deluxe/ Suite
  • Restaurants: 2 with international and local food
  • Bars: 3 including one on the beach
  • Pools: 3 outdoors (main, family, zen pool)
  • Adults-only zen zone area
  • Spa by Cinq Mondes, with a private pool

Club Med Seychelles highlights

  • Brand new eco-certified resort committed to preserving nature and the treasures of the Seychelles.
  • The luxury and tranquillity of a private island in an exclusive collection resort
  • A great land of exploration and adventure for the whole family
  • Enjoy a holistic experience where the quest for wellbeing is in harmony with the ocean and nature

What’s included

  • Meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Drinks: open bar
  • Sports: paddle, yoga, snorkelling, sailing and more
  • Must-try: hiking, yoga and cookery workshops with the kids
  • Kids clubs: from 4 to 17 years
  • Entertainment: day and night entertainment

What to do

Imagine yourself as Robinson Crusoe, carving out an island adventure of your own, but with a touch of luxury. At Club Med, you can also choose to simply bask in the sun alongside your loved ones. There’s a host of parent-child activities you can enjoy, in the shade of a parasol or paddling in the water. As the sun warms your skin, remember that you’re not just taking a vacation, you’re crafting lifelong memories.

Here are our top 7 recommended excursions:

  1. Discover a new paradise

Outside the resort, a world of discovery awaits with translucent waters, white sand, sculpted boulders and lush nature. Take a catamaran to the island of La Digue and the Anse Source d’Argent, or the island of Praslin and its cocofesse forests…the scenery is spectacular! A visit to the nostalgic capital city of Mahé makes for a wonderful journey back in time.

  1. Pedal through La Digue

Get off the usual tourist paths and discover the charming island of La Digue at your own pace. Explore the island by bike and discover local flora and fauna, the history and culture of Seychelles at L’Union Estate, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including the inimitable Anse Source d’Argent.

  1. St. Anne Reef safari

How about an afternoon of sun, sea and adventure? The program for this unforgettable day out entails cruising around the picturesque islands of the St. Anne Marine Park before swimming and snorkelling in a life-sized aquarium. Swim among the 150 species of colourful fish that inhabit this protected reef – a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a vibrant underwater universe.

  1. Hike to the heavens on Copolia

At 500m above sea-level, the summit of the Copolia Hiking Trail offers sweeping views that will take your breath away. A 90-minute guided hike through the lush forests of the Morne Seychellois National Park will reveal a panoramic vista of the capital city and the islands of the St Anne Marine Park. Keep an eye out for carnivorous pitcher plants, with their insect-trapping cups.

  1. Kayak with a twist

Float gracefully atop the water in a glass-bottom kayak while the ocean’s tapestry unfolds right beneath you. No diving, no holding your breath, just pure amazement at the marine world below.

  1. Sunset cruise

Sip on Champagne aboard a catamaran to the north of Mahé as the sun kisses the horizon. Drift off to the soothing tunes of Creole melodies while soaking in the stunning vistas of immaculate beaches and rocky landscapes.

  1. Essence of Seychelles

Set sail to Praslin and La Digue for a day filled with wonder. Wander through the enigmatic Vallée de Mai, savour a Creole feast, and get captivated by the postcard-perfect beach of Anse Source d’Argent.

For your soul and senses: well-being extras

  1. Club Med Spa by Cinq Mondes

Embark on a sensory journey, influenced by global beauty rituals and traditional wisdom. Surrounded by the island’s lush ambiance, let go and indulge in treatments that soothe both body and soul.

  1. Fitness with a view

Picture this: you, working on your fitness, with the sea as your backdrop. Whether it’s a gentle stretch or an intense workout, our seaside palapa has got you covered.

  1. Yoga by Heberson

Embrace evolution with Vibhava Yoga by Heberson. It’s not just a yoga session, it’s a transformative experience. And for families? A unique chance to breathe, tone, and bond together in harmony.

All I can say is book your trip and bon voyage!

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