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The Millhouse Kitchen At Lourensford

The Millhouse Kitchen at Lourensford

The Millhouse Kitchen (Custom)

The Millhouse Kitchen at Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West wows visitors with both a trendy interior and its child-friendly amenities. As one of the oldest wine farms in Somerset West (established in 1700 and once part of the Vergelen wine farm owned by Willem Adriaan van der Stel) the wine estate not only has a rich sense of history but boasts a variety of activities that is sure to meet everyone’s taste.

A beautiful pathway from the main entrance of the estate takes you to the Lourensford wine cellar and the Millhouse Kitchen restaurant. The pathway provides a lovely walk through one of the lush gardens of the estate with ponds, fountains and rose bushes bordering the path. It is an enjoyable walk but a bit of creativity is needed to keep children out of the ponds! Luckily the ponds are very shallow, but still I had my hands full with two preschoolers.

The Millhouse Kitchen is the main restaurant on the estate. It was previously known as the River Cafe but underwent a major renovation about two years ago including a name change. The restaurant was transformed into a chic, modern space inside with a garden playground for children outside. I love the rose gold design elements seen throughout the decor of the restaurant (even the cutlery comes with rose gold sugar pots and cheese bowls) and the flamboyant black and white cat wall paper. All in all, the Millhouse Kitchen is a pretty trendy restaurant considering its location on one of the oldest wine estates in the Helderberg area.

Inside TMK (Custom)


Decor (Custom)

Although you find yourself in a very modern setting, children are welcomed and the restaurant offers a kids’ menu as well as high chairs for babies. Toddlers and older kids can enjoy the huge lawn and organic jungle gyms in the garden. The garden provides a large space for children to run around. The garden is mostly enclosed as far as I could see with an exit on the side of the restaurant (the jungle gyms are on the opposite end so children aren’t likely to wander off on their own.

Apart from a lovely playground in the garden the restaurant’s food is great and I discovered that the Millhouse serves one of my favourite brands of coffees – Terbodore Coffee. The restaurant describes the food it serves as “rustic Italian”. The modern decor, good food and a large playground are some of the qualities that definitely puts the Millhouse Kitchen at Lourensford among the best there is in family friendly restaurants in the Cape Winelands.

Child-friendly notes:

  •  A lawn where children can run around
  • Outside tables available to keep watch over children playing. Plenty of the inside tables also offer a lovely open view on the garden and play area.
  • Three organic jungle gyms with slides, monkey bars, swings, ladders, rope swings etc.
  • Kiddies menu
  • High chairs
  • Changing room with toilet, basin and diaper changing station
On another note, for toddlers:

The jungle gyms are quite a distance from the restaurant tables (even if you are sitting outside) and you will have to accompany toddlers who are big enough to climb up a jungle gym but not big enough to know how to get down! The lawn provides a pretty big space though for toddlers to roam free and the whole garden, albeit big, is enclosed so you do not have to worry about toddlers wandering off.

Other activities on Lourensford:

  • wine tasting at the Lourensford cellar
  • coffee roasters and coffee shop
  • art gallery
  • The Millhouse Kitchen restaurant
  • The Lourensford Harvest Market trades every Sunday from 10:00 until 15:00 and has its own website with more info.
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