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The Brass Bell in Kalk Bay welcomes kids

It is holiday and we have time to drive around and explore places in and around Cape Town.  The parents-in-law were visiting and suggested that we take the train to Kalk Bay and eat at the famous Brass Bell. I had never been there before… Especially not by train and especially not with a baby. But we did it and it was great! The train station was not that busy and we easily found seats on the train for all the family members plus the baby stroller. It took about an hour for us to get to the Kalk Bay station from the Cape Town Station with all the stops but it is was fun and much more relaxing than facing the December holiday traffic on the road.

The Brass Bell restaurant is situated right next to the train platform in Kalk Bay and as you get off the train you can literally step into the restaurant. What a beautiful view! The restaurant is built on the rocks by the sea and it is HUGE – it has so many different sections & rooms that I didn’t even see all of them. We arrived there at 12:30 just in time for lunch. We made reservations the day before so we were immediately shown to our seats. When you phone to make a booking they ask in which section you would like to sit. Not knowing the place at all, we chose the “seaside” section as we thought that would give us the best view. When we arrived there though we found that this particular section is not the baby-friendliest section that they have. There is no space to put the high chair that the restaurant provides and no space for baby to walk around. So we moved to an upstairs section called “the cabin”.  We were placed at a big table in the corner with ample space for the high chair. We also had the friendliest waiter who immediately brought some toys like wooden dominoes for baby to play with which was a plus but baby soon passed out in her stroller after missing her morning nap because of the train ride. The restaurant does have a kiddies menu but we did not use it as baby was asleep throughout the entire meal. I did manage to check it out and although they do not have many kiddies dishes they do have fish and chips as expected from a seaside restaurant.


We had a lovely time as a family at the Brass Bell, in fact so much that we almost missed the train back! We were still paying the bill as the train pulled into the station and I don’t know how we made it on time but thankfully we did as the train only comes by every hour.

(My main tip if you visit the Brass Bell is to make a reservation and specifically ask if the section you’re booking is child-friendly and what you can expect in that section of the restaurant.)

Baby-friendly:  7/10

Kid-friendly:  5/10

Adult-friendly:  7/10

Why the Brass Bell is child-friendly?

  • kiddies menu
  • high chairs for baby
  • toys for young children
  • space to walk around is limited but okay if you choose the correct section of the restaurant

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