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The Botanical Garden In Stellenbosch

The Botanical Garden in Stellenbosch

We recently “rediscovered” the Botanical Garden in town.  As a student I loved hanging out in the garden to escape the busyness of our Res.  The garden is an eco-friendly hideout for some of the fauna and flora found in the town and is one of the most tranquil places you’ll find in the centre of town.

20180323_110349 (1024x768)To gain entrance to the garden a fee is payable at the gate of R10 per person older than 2 years.  Students and employees of the university gain free entry.  R5 per entrance ticket can be deducted from you bill if you visit the Katjiepiering Restaurant and produce your entrance ticket when settling your bill.

The Katjiepiering Restaurant:20180323_110912 (1024x768)

Our children enjoy visiting the garden as they get to explore all the pathways and hidden spots.  The garden is divided into different themes (or sections) and it is very exciting for them to stumble onto the rain forest, the lily  ponds or the Bonsai section.  The garden is a great place for families to go on a treasure hunt together to discover some of nature’s “treasures”, such as rare plants, fantastic ponds and interesting insects.  It has always been one of our goals to teach our kids about the different trees, plants and flowers and we also like to teach them the specific names of different plants.  The Botanical Garden in Stellenbosch is ideal for this purpose.

Before I say too much… here are some photos to show you what you could expect from a visit to this sanctuary in the heart of town:

20180323_112046 (1024x768)

20180323_112245 (1024x768)

20180323_112143 (1024x768)

20180323_112058 (1024x768)

The three sections of the garden that stand out for our children and that they really seem to enjoy in the Botanical Garden are the Bonsai section, the lily ponds and the rain forest.

Below are some photos of the Bonsai area of the Botanical Garden.  To get to the Bonsai section you do need to walk through the shop.  It is definitely worth a visit and the bonsai collection is astonishing in terms of the age of the Bonsai’s as well as the variety of different kinds of trees.  Look closely between the lilies in the ponds at the entrance to the Bonsai garden and see if you can spot some cute little frogs!

20180323_112402 (1024x768)

A wild olive bonsai:20180323_112327 (1024x768)

A bougainvillea bonsai:20180323_112316 (1024x768)

The lily pond section:20180323_112702 (1024x768)

20180323_112624 (1024x768)

The rain forest section is netted:20180323_111159 (1024x768)

20180323_111121 (1024x768)

The Botanical Garden not only allows families to enjoy the treasures of nature but it is a lovely setting for a baby shower or to have breakfast/ coffee at the Katjiepiering Restaurant.  Parents are sure to learn something new about nature along with their children.  A visit to the Botanical Garden is a great activity for families in Stellenbosch that you do not need to drive a far distance out of town for, or spend a lot of cash, to experience.

Katjiepiering Restaurant | Hours: 08:00 – 17:00 |  021 808 3025

Botanical Gardens | Hours: Monday to Sundays 08:00 to 17:00 (may be closed on certain public holidays)

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