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The Biggest Indoor Play Park At Eaglevlei

The biggest indoor play park at Eaglevlei

This post was originally written in 2012 with the title “The biggest jungle gym at Eaglevlei”.  Back in 2012 Eaglevlei sported the biggest wooden jungle gym that I had ever seen at a wine farm in the Stellenbosch area.  On the estate’s website it was labelled as the biggest jungle gym in the Western Cape.  Fast forward five years and some things have changed at the estate, including a brand new indoor play park…  Instead of doing a new post I decided to update this one to include all the changes that the estate has made since that first blog post.


We recently had a family gathering at Eaglevlei and we arrived there only to discover that there were no more jungle gyms or jumping castles on the lawn that we were used to from our previous visits to the estate.  Our whole extended family was already seated at an inside table and our kids were probably the oldest at the gathering (6, 4 and 1 years old respectively).  We decided to go to the indoor play park and see if we could book in our oldest two, since running around on the lawn would only keep them busy for about 10 minutes.  I had taken the kids to the play park before during a school holiday, so they already knew the play park and in our favour they definitely remembered having a ball of time on that visit!

Do note that it is not cheap to book in the kids at the play park, but it really is worth it if you are going to be at the estate for a while.  I am not sure if it really is the biggest indoor play park but I can quite easily imagine that it is!  Currently, the entrance fees are R50 for 0 – 3 year old children and R80 for 4 – 12 year old children per day (October 2017 prices). If you are visiting the restaurant and want to book in your kids like we did, it will probably be better if your kids are older. Our children are currently, I would say, the perfect age for the activities in the play park. We were sitting on the deck which looks out on the entrance to the play park, so they could easily find us. There are also outside tables right next to the entrance to the play park.

If you take your kids to Eaglevlei specifically for the play park, you can sit inside the tent where the play park is located, right next to the play area, and watch them play while you drink coffee or tea. Or, you can go in with them in the play area and assist them if they are a bit younger. There is a really nice area for babies and toddlers that is separate from the older kids’ play area. The toddler area is also closest to the entrance, right next to the seats where parents can sit and watch.

The play park is a definite winner for school holidays, kids parties and for active play on cold and rainy days.  Watch the Eaglevlei play park’s Facebook page for promotions during school holidays. I assure you that after a day spent playing at the play park,  the kids will gladly go to bed very early that evening…

Child-friendly notes:

  • one huge indoor play park
  • separate toddler play area inside the play park
  • baby changing station in the restaurant’s bathroom
  • if the indoor play area is not enough, there is also a lawn for toddlers to run around next to the restaurant’s outdoor seating

Kids parties

Kids can have a fun-filled birthday party at the Eaglevlei indoor play park. Contact them through their website here for more info, or to book your party.

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