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The Bayside Café in Camps Bay is not too formal for kids

Their table settings may look very formal but don’t let that put you off: the Bayside Café in Camps Bay is very open to receiving young children. This restaurant has been one of our favourites for ages but we have never gone back there after we had our baby.  (I love Bayside because it runs the best special during the winter months where you get one meal free if you order a meal.)

We were strolling down the main street of Camps Bay on a very humid summer’s day. We were at the beach for a swim but decided to first have lunch to avoid the hottest hours of the day. As we passed each restaurant we guessed the child friendliness of each place based purely on looks. We soon found ourselves nearing the end of the street without having spotted any child friendly-looking restaurants. We did however spot our old favourite: the Bayside Café. We have only ever eaten there in our life B.K. (Before Kids) but decided that it was worth a try. We remembered that the table settings are quite formal and did not expect them to allow kids inside.


We entered the door and the waiter did not seem to mind the one-year-old in my arms. When we looked around we saw other parents and kids seated at the outside tables. Rather than joining them outside, we decided that we want to sit inside to take advantage of the air con. The waiter quickly brought a baby chair – those that you anchor to the table itself – and the kiddies menu. We had a lovely lunch of Calamari steak and a Madagascan burger for ourselves and a kiddies chips for lo. I can say with an honest heart that we enjoyed lunch at one of our favourite restaurants in Camps Bay just as much with kids as we did without.

Baby-friendly:  7/10

Kid-friendly:  5/10

Adult-friendly:  7/10

Why the Bayside Café is child-friendly?

  • kiddies menu
  • baby chair that attaches to the table

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