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Take The Kids To Le Pommier In Winter And Summer

Take the kids to Le Pommier in winter and summer

Nestled between Tokara and the entrance to Zorgvliet you will find Le Pommier on the Helshoogte Pass. This is one venue that you can visit in both winter and summer time. During the warmer months children can play outside on a nice stretch of lawn where you will find a jungle gym with slide and swings. If you have younger children like toddlers just bear in mind that the lawn and play area is a small distance from the restaurant. You will be able to see the children if you’re sitting outside but will be out of hearing range (unless your children are very good listeners!).  It is possible to join the children on the lawn at a table but then self-service applies and you will have to place your order inside and take your coffee to your table.

One of the best features of Le Pommier and the reason we often visit this restaurant is their pretty awesome petting zoo. Children will love looking at all the birds, including budgies, parrots, ducks, chickens. Other animals include rabbits, guniea pigs, hamsters, lamas and goats. Unfortunately the petting zoo is hidden away out of sight from the restaurant and you will have to accompany smaller children.

The restaurant also has an inside play room so parents can enjoy Le Pommier’s delicious food even when its cold and raining without worrying about the kids. I like Le Pommier because even though their table setting is slightly formal, the restaurant still has a very homey and family atmosphere.

In winter they keep the fireplace burning and have two couches where one can sit and enjoy the warmth. I took my lo there just before the crawling stage and had tea with my friend on the couches with lo playing happily at my feet. A great way to spend a wet winter’s afternoon!

Baby-friendly: 6/10

Kid-friendly:  8/10

Adult-friendly:  9/10

Why Le Pommier is child-friendly?

  • play room inside
  • play area outside
  • baby changing area with chair for breastfeeding
  • petting zoo
  • enough space to take in your pram/ stroller

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