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Sunset At Dornier With The Kids

Sunset at Dornier with the kids

Someone told my husband at work about how much they love to take their kids to the Dornier wine estate. We were driving around late one Friday afternoon and at the spur of the moment decided to go and take a look at this wine estate. The wine estate is situated quite close to town on the Blaauwklippen road right next to Waterford wine estate. Knowing that most wine farms close early in the afternoon (about three/ four o’clock) we knew it was going to be closed but just wanted to see what the place looks like. When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised to see that it was still open considering it was five o’clock on a Friday afternoon! The waitress showed us their special tapas and sunset platters menus which looked amazing, but not expecting the place to be open we did not arrive hungry, so we opted for coffee only. We enjoyed our coffee on the wide stoep overlooking the mountains. So serene!

For the children they have a sandpit to play in which is at the end of the terrace. Next to the sandpit there is a boat-shaped climbing apparatus for older children. Our baby who is crawling now enjoyed the sandpit for a bit and then moved over onto the lawn. Our waitress was very quick to bring us some blankets so we could sit down on the grass next to our lo while drinking our coffee. For us the peace did not last long as lo is quite the adventurer and found it much more entertaining to venture to the fountain and trying to climb into the water. (She continued this exercise until we left and had to drag her away from the fountain kicking and screaming.)

Dornier is a very stylish wine farm and it actually feels like you are visiting a grown-up venue but they easily combine that with a family atmosphere where children is welcome to play and just be children without anyone frowning.

Baby-friendly: 6/10

Kid-friendly:  8/10

Adult-friendly:  9/10

Why Dornier is kiddie-friendly?

  • open during sunset hours (so you can go after work) and in the evenings
  • staff is super-friendly towards children
  • playing area with a sandpit
  • can sit on the grass on blankets next to the kids if you wish

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