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Stir Their Imagination At Vredenhof Organic Farm, Somerset West

Stir their imagination at Vredenhof Organic Farm, Somerset West

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Vredenhof Organic Farm offers a creative “old school” play space in a peaceful environment. “Old school” as in no electronics: only a play house, castle and a pirate boat that capture kids’ imaginations as they clamber up and down imagining that they are saving a princess or braving the seven seas.

The play area

The play area at Vredenhof is great for rainy day play as the play room is under roof and in summertime children can conveniently play in the shade. According to the website the play area is also available to be booked for children’s parties.

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The kids can climb up and down the different ladders and ropes on the castle and pirates’ ship and slide down some slides while the adults can sit down and watch from the wooden bench at the entrance. For the tinier tots the play house and sandpit next to Captain Hook’s ship are probably the safest bet. If you get thirsty you can visit the coffee shop and organic shop next door to the play area that sells a range of fresh organic produce and baked goods:

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What else is there to do at Vredenhof?

The rest of Vredenhof may seem like a hotchpotch of different spaces but once you figure out the layout you will be able to find your way to the farm animals and other activities. Opposite the shop you can find a small nursery area where herbs, small shrubs and flowers are sold. The rest of the grounds may look a bit unkept but walk on and you will discover a giant chess board tucked away at the end of the path as well as an enclosure with goats and pigs on your right (riiiiight at the end of the grounds). There is also a putt-putt golf course but I am unsure if it is in use or not – be sure to enquire at the shop. The play area by the main entrance is definitely the standout kiddies attraction at Vredenhof Organic Farm and it is close to the coffee shop and organic shop whereas the rest, as discussed above, requires some exploring on the paths less traveled.


Vredenhof is located just outside Somerset West. Turn off the R44 (between Stellenbosch and Somerset West) on the Bredell Road. Just before the turn-off to Somerset College you will see the entrance to Vredenhof on your right hand side.

If you are looking for a play space on a rainy, cold day in the Somerset West area, or want to shop for some great organic produce and products with the kids, be sure to pay Vredenhof Organic Farm a visit.

Tues – Sat 08:00 – 16:00 | 021 855 0363 | Bredell Road, Firgrove, Somerset West |

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