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Spa time at Clos Malverne thanks to Littleworld

I joined Woolworths Littleworld by filling out an online form on their website at the beginning of this year. They sent me a bunch of gift vouchers to thank me for joining the club. Unfortunately I left these lying somewhere and forgot all about them. When I found them again they had expired!

Still I am thrilled that I joined Littleworld. Why? Because they sent me an email with a spa voucher!!! I read about the spa voucher at signup but did not receive such a voucher with the others that were mailed to me so I thought it ain’t gonna happen. Then after a couple of months I received an email with my free spa voucher! I thought to myself that I will not let this opportunity pass me by and end up with yet another expired voucher (the spa voucher by the way is valid for three years so it probably wouldn’t have expired). But I was desperate for some pamper time. I don’t know when last I had been to a spa…

I phoned the friendly staff at Woolworths and they sent me a list of places I could choose from for my pamper session. I chose Clos Malverne from the list simply because (although I had never heard of this spa) I Googled it and found out that the spa is situated on a wine farm in the Devon Valley area. I just had to go take a look at this spa so I made the booking via Woolworths’ staff and Voila! And that’s how I ended up at Clos Malverne for some mommy-alone-time this past Friday.

It was a rainy day when I got up on Friday. I followed the Devon Valley road and turned off left way before the Devon Valley Hotel. Upon arrival at Clos Malverne I parked in the tree-filled parking lot with a water feature, already experiencing the tranquil atmosphere. Upon entering the treatment room I found a Ferrero Rocher chocolate waiting for me on the massage table. For half an hour I completely relaxed under the hands of the spa therapist for a back and shoulder massage – pure bliss!

After the spa treatment I obviously went to check out the restaurant. The view looked like it would be even more amazing on a cloud-free day and the verandah is the perfect place to do some wine tasting while enjoying the view. I looked around but unfortunately could see nothing that would keep the kids busy 🙁

So, Mommy, go get yourself some spa treatment on Woolies. And if you live in Stellenbosch, choose The Spa @ Clos Malverne.

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