Cara & Co Creative Consultancy

About Cara & Co

Community is at the heart of the Cara & Co. bespoke content curation agency. Together with our team of creatives, we conceptualise memorable editorial content for brands specially curated to appeal to the creative explorer in search of aesthetic pleasure and an all-around quality experience. 
The lifestyle and fashion blog, The Stellenbosch Mom, is a creative extension of the Cara & Co. agency – an aspirational platform showcasing luxury homeware, fashion and lifestyle content. 
Should you be interested in working with Cara & Co., take a look at our service offering here.


As a collaborative agency, Cara and Co. is always interested in partnering with brands that share our passion and values. We would love to hear from you should you be interested in working with our production team. 

Paid Partnerships 

We can explore content creation packages that are aligned with your brand objectives. Either on a once-off or retainer basis. 

Commission-based Partnerships

For further brand exposure that results in increased sales, we’re open to discuss a referral-based partnership that includes a commission structure based off of leads and sales. 
If you are interested in receiving our content curation packages, please
email for more information.
We look forward to hearing from you!