Quiet Luxury

Quiet Luxury

Harper’s Bazaar defines quiet luxury as “timeless, minimalistic design that remains consistent throughout the decades.” 

Think understated handbags, simple silhouettes, craftsmanship, quality, and elegance. These ageless pieces often come with a hefty price tag, but local image consultant Donna Kennedy-Meyer can help source items that look almost identical to the real thing. 

Recently, quiet luxury has become a buzzword thanks to HBO shows like Succession, celebrities like Sophia Richie and TikTok’s fashion taxonomy. It’s time for fashion and style to return to refinement and sophistication through subtle details and a minimalist aesthetic, instead of overt branding. I’m so relieved the world is moving back to quiet style after years of obsessing over logos.

In handbags, for example, the genre is defined by clean lines and gentle, earthy tones like brown, beige, or black. Subtle details such as tonal stitching and discreet branding add sophisticated appeal to such an item.

To pay homage to quiet luxury and the classic aesthetic, I decided to showcase the concept and allure of timeless, minimalistic design. The style principles that inform this design have indeed remained consistent through the decades. I also wanted to show how easy it is to create this aesthetic by wearing comfortable yet stylish clothing, which any woman – whether young or old – could rely on to express herself with confidence. And finally, I want to remind everyone that timeless elegance doesn’t have to be expensive.

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