Our Edible Garden Makeover

Our Edible Garden Makeover

If there’s one thing that lockdown taught me and many others, it was the importance of self-reliant living and the benefits of setting up your own veggie garden. I have learnt so much about permaculture this past few months and just spending time outside in the garden has been wonderful for both my family and me. 

Recently, I’ve noticed that our vegetable garden needed some help – the soil needed some attention and I was looking for inspiration and new ideas. After doing some research, I came across Urban Harvest who has since become an invaluable partner in establishing a bountiful, thriving edible garden at our home in Stellenbosch. 

The Urban Harvest team really committed to working closely with us and we were 100% aligned in terms of our needs and our intended results for our spot of heaven in the garden. 

The process was wonderful and seamless, and as the herb & vegetable garden took shape, we received regular communication and progress updates from the team. They also helped us and our head gardener to learn and acquire the necessary skills to maintain the garden when we’re not home.

I love that they focus on beautiful, edible gardens, but that they also consider creating serene spaces where people can enjoy time outside. 

About Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest was established in 2006 as South Africa’s pioneer edible garden service. They’ve “created” and maintained over 350 unique, beautiful and highly productive food gardens across the country, providing healthy food and beautiful spaces to all people. 

Founded by Ben Getz, Urban Harvest is driven by his passion to create an abundance of healthy, organic and locally grown food in all communities. I love the fact that he and his team focus on “reawakening traditional values”, emphasising their love and appreciation of nature while “creating balance”. 

I must say, Ben and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were consistently efficient, passionate and always willing to go the extra mile. Their integral role in establishing and maintaining our edible food garden according to sound permaculture principles ensured its success. 

If you’re also struggling with the ins and outs of soil and don’t know what to plant in which season or when to harvest, then keep an eye out for our Edible Garden Makeover Workshops that will kick off in 2021!

*You can take a look at our edible garden makeover video on the Instagram page to get a better idea of what this process entails.

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