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Nursing In The Fitting Room??

Nursing in the fitting room??

Ok, this is a confession session. But I am sure you have done it as well… Yes, I have breastfed in a fitting room (and you would have done the same if you were in my shoes).

I still can’t believe that in the era that we live in today shopping mall management is still unable to provide a space where breastfeeding moms can nurse in peace. Most malls do have changing rooms where you can change your baby but try finding a decent comfy chair in a mall’s changing room? Non-existent. I know of two shopping malls in the Western Cape that provide space for mothers to breastfeed in their changing rooms. For the rest… Well, there is always the toilet if you turn down the seat.

Which is why a fitting room is sometimes the best place to nurse your baby in a mall. Most fitting rooms are big enough to take your pram in and many fitting rooms have comfy seats. So what if you have to look at yourself breastfeeding in the mirror? Sure, the shop assistant may wonder why it is taking you so long to try on the two outfits you took in…

Just hear me out: ANYTHING is better than sitting on an uncomfortable toilet seat trying to nurse a baby with the sound of a toilet flushing in the cubicle next door. Yes, I have also tried nursing in the car. Do you know how quickly it gets too hot to bear inside a still-standing vehicle? I believe the amount of fluid a baby sweats when nursed in a car equals the amount of milk he/ she takes in. A fruitless exercise all-in-all. What other choice do we as moms have but the beloved fitting room?

(If you’re in mall management and read this post – I beg you, please take the hint. Happy moms = happy customers.)

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