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News From Tokara

News from Tokara

If you’re looking for something fresh and exciting to do over the upcoming holidays look no further than Tokara. They’re open for breakfast and lunch from Tuesdays to Sundays and while parents enjoy delicious meals at the deli, the kids can play their little hearts out on the playground.

The new Tokara Playground was designed to combine the lush tree-lined vistas with modern architecture. There are four tree houses nestled in a cluster of tree-like structures made of steel and Iroko wood and the indigenous bird species of the Tokara Estate have been transformed into 50 sculptures and mounted on the “tree” structures.

In addition to the treehouses and climbing nets there are ropes and stainless steel cabling that links the treehouses, all made of materials used in the nautical industry. The entire playground rests on a cloud-shaped rubber, shock-absorbing floor that is made from recycled black car tyres.

Design company Onder die Invloed was tasked with bringing to life Anne-Marie’s vision of a playground inspired by the breathtaking surrounds of the Simonsberg Mountain and the Banhoek Valley.

Art at the Deli

GT and Anne-Marie Ferreira, owners of the Tokara Wine Estate, believe that the estate’s exceptional wine and food combined with thought-provoking art contribute to a celebration of life to be shared with all visitors to Tokara.

The Ferreira family is loyal supporters of local artists and have over time accumulated an impressive collection of works, representing South Africa’s established and emerging talent.

The artworks on display at Tokara Deli’s Sculpture Garden and the Orchard Walkway linking the Delicatessen with the Winery building is a joint initiative between Anne-Marie Ferreira and exhibition curator Ilse Schemers, owner of ISArt in Franschhoek and Stellenbosch.

There is also three large format photographic works on display by Thomas Ferreira aka The Landscape Hunter. All works are pigment ink on satin photo paper. Pints are available for purchase upon request.


Throughout the classical wine-producing regions of the world, there is a natural association between the vineyard and olive grove.

The Tokara Olive Shed continues this tradition by producing award-winning olive oils to accompany the estate’s renowned wines.

The Olive Shed project began in 2000 with the establishment of a 4 ha olive grove. In 2001, just 500 bottles were produced from purchased fruit, and sold within two weeks.

Today The Olive Shed presses and processes thousands of bottles of extra virgin olive oi under the Tokara brand name and on behalf of other olive farmers.

The full Tokara olive oil range includes aingle varietal oils, Mission, Frantoio, a multi-varietal blend and Tokara Premium blend, each one offering a different flavour and character.

One can taste the pride of The Olive Shed at the circular tasting counter located close to the main entrance of the Deli.


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