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Must-read: “The Boy and the Tree”

Penguin Random House South Africa is releasing their new picture book, “The Boy and the Tree” this month and it’s so much more than just another children’s book. I love the fact that besides the book teaching kids a valuable lesson about the environment, all proceeds from the book being bought on the Greenpop website will go towards tree planting programs.

Written by Marleen Lammers and illustrated by Cape Town-based Anja Stoeckigt, the book tells the story of a boy who is sad, because he doesn’t have the shiny new toys other children have, but who finds magical adventures when he climbs a tree. Aimed at kids between 3 and 7, the rhyming tale will encourage your kids to use their imagination and experience these adventures too. I also loved the colourful and quirky illustrations which brings the boy’s adventures to life.

“This little story was inspired by my two tree-loving sons, as well as my work with Greenpop,” said author, Marleen Lammers, who joined Greenpop in 2011. “Kids have an intrinsic love for nature, and are often happiest when playing with sticks, collecting leaves, or climbing trees. They sometimes just have to be reminded of it.”

Musician, Jeremy Loops co-founded Greenpop and had this to say: “The Boy and The Tree is the kind of book I’d want my future kids to read. Its imagery and message are so captivating that I literally went to visit and climb my favourite childhood tree! Every kid should have a favourite tree.”

It’s really a lovely read and of course all for a wonderful cause. The book is widely available in book shops around South Africa and online, as well as on Greenpop’s new online store.

You can also catch Marleen and Anja at book readings in book stores and in schools around Cape Town this month. Check out the events information on Greenpop’s website,

About Greenpop

Greenpop is a Cape Town-based NGO that runs urban greening, reforestation and eco-education programs in Sub- Saharan Africa.

Find out more information about the book at

Happy reading!

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