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Mont Marie, Casual Gourmet Dining For The Whole Family… With A View

Mont Marie, casual gourmet dining for the whole family… with a view


Every once in a while I stumble upon a hidden gem of a place by pure chance. The picturesque Mont Marie is just such a place.  Word of mouth is what first led me to visit this venue and I am so glad I discovered this pretty restaurant nestled against the mountains on the Blaauwklippen Road. Not only does Mont Marie offer exquisite views from the terrace overlooking a beautiful dam against the backdrop of blue-gray mountains, but it also has the most charming play ground. It is the attention to small detail that makes it great: A swing for babies next to the other swings, a miniature surfboard mounted on springs that provides a great balancing exercise for kids and toy pickup trucks and bulldozers in the sandpit etc. Add to that the jungle gyms, slide and the adjacency to the dam with ducks and you have a sure winner.

The play ground is fenced and has a gate to keep children inside.  There is even a couple of tables and seating for parents inside the enclosed space that makes up the play ground.  These tables offer a great view on the whole play area and parents can sit close enough to help younger kids on the jungle gyms and swings.  The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.  All I can say is that ultimately what you can expect at Mont Marie is “casual luxury” as described on their website.  Gourmet food, modern furnishings but at the same time family-friendly and fun for the children.

I don’t often comment on the service of a restaurant but I have to admit that I give Mont Marie 10 stars for their staff’s friendliness – the two times I’ve been there I received the best service from waiters  that I have ever had at a restaurant in Stellenbosch.  Nothing is too big to ask and the staff is prompt and polite.  Even the kids do not scare them and that is worth a lot in my eyes 🙂 I have visited places before where I was treated to a disdained look in the eyes upon the sight of my kids.  Not because my kids are a sight but because serving a family with children was the last thing the waiter wanted to do and the irritation showed!

This restaurant is a treasure worth visiting if you favour style, gourmet food and family time with the added bonus of an amazing view.  If you want to see more photos of this venue, visit Mont Marie’s Facebook page.

Your child-friendly notes:

  • Changing station inside
  • Lawn
  • Dam with ducks
  • Junge gyms, swings, slide, sandpit, cool balancing surfboard and baby swing
  • Enclosed play ground with gate
  • Tables and seating inside the play area

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