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Lovely Joostenberg For The Children

Lovely Joostenberg for the children

I am not sure why, but it seems to me like the best place to take your kids is many times your local nursery. I’ve just been to Joostenberg’s deli with three other mommies and we had a ball of a time. The nursery, huge lawn and two dams with ducks make for a beautiful setting. Chickens running around on the premises add to the relaxed farm-feeling. Parents can sit outside at the restaurant on the terrace that overlooks the outside play area to keep an eye on the children playing. Joostenberg has a huge lawn with plenty of swings, see-saws and jungle gyms.

We thought that the tables of the deli are a bit far from the swings for smaller babies that you still need to actually be within 1 meter’s distance from (to prevent them from putting foreign objects in their mouths!). But if you really want to you can bring your own blanket and sit on the grass with them.

For the older children – they can play their hearts out while you’re sitting at a table on the terrace enjoying your coffee in peace. The restaurant have delicious food on offer and you won’t be disappointed by their breakfasts and Sunday carvery. Joostenberg is one of the more affordable options and if you don’t want to sit in the restaurant you can visit the deli, buy some snacks and picnic in one of the shady spots on their lawn. Just make sure that you organize with them before you picnic as no private bring-your-own picnics are allowed.

A walk through the nursery with the little ones is just as exciting as they love the small fountains, animal statues, big bird cages filled with birds and the chickens running around in the pathways that may be spotted every once in a while as you turn around a corner.

During school holidays and on public holidays and weekends there are horse rides that are very reasonably priced at R10 pp (Price as per October 2013). Kids can choose between a saddle-back horse or the safer option of a horse cart that can take more than one kid and both parents (and maybe a friend or two). Our two-year old had a blast on the horse cart with her dad… 🙂
Joostenberg is truely relaxing venue in a farm style setting that will keep the kids entertained!

Baby-friendly:  5/10

Kid-friendly:  8/10

Adult-friendly:  7/10

Why Joostenberg is child-friendly?

  • parents can oversee kids from the terrace tables of the restaurant
  • one huge lawn for children to run around on
  • lots of jungle gyms, swings and see-saws
  • chickens and ducks running around on the lawn – toddlers love them 🙂
  • horse rides on weekends and public holidays
  • changing station in the ladies’ bathroom

2016: Also read our latest article on the new picnic area and craft beer brewery at Joostenberg.

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