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Lockdown Learning: Earth School

As part of my #LockdownLearning series, I’m so excited to tell you all about this amazing initiative called Earth School.

As mentioned in my previous #LockdownLearning post, I’m looking for innovative and creative ways to help you connect with your children at home. While time with the kids and family is so precious, I’m also a big advocate of self-care and am looking for content that will be enriching to your life as an adult too. It’s certainly a win-win when both you and your kids are enjoying the new learning experience together.

A lot of time has passed with most of us staying home with the kids. As modern parents, I’m sure you’re all looking for exciting new ways to keep the little ones curious and busy. Although they’re occupied with school work (to whatever degree), the #LockdownLearning activities I’m looking for aren’t your average curriculum-based activities. They’re more family-orientated and the idea is to get the whole family involved and engaged in a way that will broaden everyone’s knowledge on various topics.

When I came across Earth SchoolI knew it’s just perfect!

Over 50 environmental and education experts collaborated to bring Earth School to life – a collection of 30 adventures for kids of all ages to discover, celebrate and connect with nature.

Supported by the National Geographic, WWF and the BBC, Earth School incorporates videos, articles and interactive resources all packaged as “daily adventures” and “quests” for the kids to take on at home. Everything is online, but the quests are designed in such a way to encourage young people to connect with nature and their environment.

I love the way each topic is addressed in a way to encourage kids to ask questions, be curious and think about the everyday things differently: where our food comes from, the water we drink, the t-shirts we wear, the trees all around.

The Earth School platform is really impressive and appropriate at the moment, solving three core problems we’re faced with under lockdown. It brings a wide variety of lessons and activities together on one platform, it encourages young people and parents to understand and connect with nature (even while they’re stuck inside) and it supports and inspires parents who are perhaps “teaching” for the first time. It really is such a great tool!

Earth School is up and running until 5 June, so visit the site by clicking on the link below for some fun activities for you and the kids.

See you there!

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