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Lockdown Learning: Christie’s Education

Hi there!

With schools not officially open yet, I’ve decided to start sharing a #LockdownLearning activity every two weeks that you can enjoy with your kids at home.

These activities will be curated and fun, because the content I look for is innovative, creative and will bring globally recognised education to your family to allow you as a parent to learn and enjoy some world class activities with your kids. 

The first piece of material I’d like to share is a really exciting and engaging online course from Christie’s Education, called Lockdown Learning: 101 Surprising Ideas Inspired by Art. 

Throughout Lockdown Learning: 101 Surprising Ideas Inspired by Art, experts take you on a journey, covering subjects from Art to Zoology. The course has two key objectives: to use art as therapy and to encourage you to explore various subjects, such as biology, creative writing, drama, design, English literature, French, geography, history and computing.

The course is designed for anyone working with kids, either professionally, or at home. The course is perfect if you’re looking for entertainment or educational ideas for your kids, or if you’re trying to find an interesting activity to do together, even more so during lockdown. It combines art history, crafts, food ideas, quizzes, storytelling, drama, games, research projects and videos in the 10-week syllabus. 

What I love about the course, is the flexibility to engage with the material as and when you like, in a way that suits your time and resources the best. Plus the fact that anyone can do it – you don’t need to have any art knowledge or training before, because #LockdownLearning gives family members the tools to learn together at home. 

If you’re looking for quality time and a way to connect with your family, this is a great opportunity to engage with your kids in a different way. Activities are included for all ages and can even be done remotely. It’s also a wonderful tool to make some time for yourself to get work done while the kids are kept busy with high quality learning. Or, if you need some time for yourself, not working, this is also a great way to unlock your creativity and enjoy art as therapy.

The course will open on 12 May 2020.

For more information and if you’d like to register, visit their website:

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