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Life’s Good At The End Jonkershoek

Life’s good At the End Jonkershoek

Jonkershoek is all hustle and bustle early on a Saturday morning when fitness and outdoor enthusiasts flock to the reserve to go mountain bike, take a hike or jog in the woods.  The coffee shop at the entrance to Jonkershoek is always a beehive of activity on weekends as many folks stop there for breakfast after their workout.  Some, who aren’t as eager to work out, sit down to have coffee and take in the surrounding nature while they wait for family/ friends to join them after they finish their activity of choice.

Way back in 2016 I did an article on the Jonkershoek coffee shop at the entrance to the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve but since then the coffee shop has been taken over by new owners and it is time to revisit this relaxed outdoors coffee shop for an update.  Welcome to the new coffee shop, At the End Jonkershoek!

20180321_104645 (Large)

I was at the coffee shop very early on a Saturday morning for a whole other reason two weeks ago.  Not to exercise like regular folks do in this valley, oh no!, but to go on an unknown adventure called scootouring….  Never heard of it?  Scootours is basically going downhill on an off-road scooter down the mountain slopes of Jonkershoek and other locations in South Africa.  It was a birthday party, OK?  Anyway, to get back to the coffee shop…  All I wanted to say is, please pardon the brightness of the photos because these photos were taken very early on a Saturday morning!

While I was visiting the coffee shop, it was very nice for me to see the updates and attention to details that the new owners have added like new chairs/ tables, the wooden deck under the tree and the beanbags on the grass.   The new outdoor seating aka the fantastic beanbags is great to plonk down on and lounge at your leisure.

20180321_083852 (Large)

The wooden deck under the big, old tree is the perfect spot to host a relaxed birthday party or baby shower.  While I was at the coffee shop the long table on the deck was already being set up for a kitchen tea on the day.  Visit their Facebook page for more info and/or to reserve the spot for a function.

20180321_083803 (Large)

The play area next to the seating area has changed some from the previous coffee shop.  The play area is now much more enclosed and it includes a jungle gym and nice stretch of lawn for kids to play on.

The photo below was taken from just behind the deck as seen on the previous photo:

20180321_104753 (Large)

There used to be a small bmx dirt track in the play area for kids to ride their bikes on, but that has also moved.  The kiddies bike track has been enlarged with the relocation and can now be found just beyond the entrance gate to the nature reserve:

20180321_104610 (Large)

In the above photo the track is right behind those line of silver and white cars.  And below, the track is shown when looking at it from the other side of the gate:

20180321_104442 (Large)

I am not sure who the track now belongs to… (the reserve or the coffee shop) but kids are still allowed to bike there when you have your cuppa at the coffee shop.  The downside of the new location of the dirt track is probably that it is difficult to see the kids on the track from the coffee shop, so it may be a good idea to let them ride first and then go to the coffee shop and let them play on the jungle gym?

On the bright side the new dirt track is much bigger than the old one and much more “advanced” for adventurous, young bike lovers:20180321_104454 (Large)

20180321_104528 (Large)

20180321_104526 (Large)

At the End Jonkershoek is a wonderful place to have that after-exercise brekkie on a weekend, but it is also well worth a visit during the week for those with kids.  I recommend At the End Jonkershoek coffee shop for breakfast, lunch or coffee.   The coffee shop is also known for its smoothies and milkshakes. 😉  What else can I say?  Life is really good At the End Jonkershoek!

At the End Jonkershoek Facebook page | Hours:  08:30 – 16:00  | 021 866 1003

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