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Leopard’s Leap, A Family Adventure

Leopard’s Leap, a family adventure

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Leopard’s Leap is situated next to La Motte on the R301 going to Franschhoek.  The leopard-on-a-branch feature sculpture of the estate has always caught my eye driving on the main road towards Franschhoek.  I quite like the La Motte estate for a couple’s dinner or baby shower (even lunch/ coffee with the kids outside is not bad) and when we learned that the owner of Leopard’s Leap is husband to the owner of La Motte, we were keen to visit and explore Leopard’s Leap.  We were really anticipating getting to know yet another fantastic wine estate based on our experiences at La Motte.

The famous leopard of Leopard’s Leap that can be seen from the R301:20170513_123251 (Large)

When you walk into the building it feels much bigger than seen from outside and it is, because the large open plan venue houses the wine tasting area, a curio shop, bathrooms as well as the restaurant.  It has an open plan layout with the wine tasting counter in the centre and the restaurant’s tables on the one side overlooking the lawn through large glass walls.  Most tables in the restaurant have an excellent view on the play area as well as on the big lawn that runs alongside the building.  To be able to watch the kids, it is best though, if you can book some of the seats closest to the doors that lead onto the stretch of lawn with the jungle gyms:

20170513_120341 (Large)

20170513_120402 (Large)

We were seated inside and had a good view of the play area outside as you can see from above photos.  The tables in front of us were reserved. 🙁  Next time we will book in advance for sure!  We enjoyed coffee and took some food from the rotisserie table i.e. a healthy buffet lunch table.  Our children had a good time running on the lawn, playing hide and seek between the trees and sliding down the slide of one of the jungle gyms.  Here are some pictures of the play area:

20170513_122911 (Large)

20170513_122954 (Large)

The herb garden to the left of the play area:20170513_123035 (Large)

The view from the play area on the restaurant taken from the slide:

20170513_122943 (Large)

But, wait, there’s more… apart from the running space outside and the jungle gyms for the kids, there are more reasons why this estate impressed our family.  From my husband’s point of view: He was very impressed with their wine tasting experience and both the quality and affordability of the estate wines.  In fact, he took a box of wine home.

From my “mommy” point of view: I personally liked the rotisserie-style restaurant.  The rotisserie table is a fresh array of dishes set out daily with healthy food options.  You get a plate and select whatever you fancy and then pay per 100g.  Our children had sweet potatoes with a caramel sauce instead of their usual plate of chips.  I tasted some and it was really good.  My kids do eat vegetables that are prepared nicely and Leopard’s Leap ticks this box for me.  Dishes served at the rotisserie table include meats from the spit, seasonal salads and vegetables including bulgar wheat or quinoa salads.  Freshly baked breads, pastries and cakes are also on display.  The mini-desserts can be enjoyed after lunch or taken with some coffee.

I quite like the fact that the Leopard’s Leap restaurant is different from the usual a la carte restaurants one finds at other wine estates and that you can set you own portion size.  All in all I felt that there were some wholesome and healthy food options on display.  Apart from the rotisserie table for grown ups (and children!) they have a small kids menu available with a burger, fish and chips, a braai broodjie or hand cut chips on the menu.  Have a look for yourself at the rotisserie menu here.

Leopard’s Leap is one of those must-visit estates in the Franschhoek area but be sure to reserve a table if you wish to dine there.

Reasons why we think Leopard’s Leap is family friendly:

  • Baby changing station in bathroom
  • Easy stroller access with a ramp at entrance
  • View on the play area
  • Big lawn to run around on
  • High chairs for toddlers
  • Healthy food that you pay for per 100g!!! |+27 (0)21 876 8002 | Rotisserie table hours: Wed to Sun 11:30 – 15:00 | Estate hours: Tues to Sat 09:00 – 17:00, Sun 11:00 – 17:00

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