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Kiddies Welcome At Tokara’s Trendy Deli

Kiddies Welcome at Tokara’s Trendy Deli

Another one of my favourite hangouts with the kids is at Tokara’s deli called DeliCATessen. This arty deli has a trendy play area outside just beside the seating area on the verandah so that mom can still keep an eye on the children. The play area includes two jungle gyms with swings and a slide and a sandpit with an umbrella (very thoughtful!).  Toys to play with in the sandpit may be found in the toy boxes inside the deli. Another big attraction in the play area is the “bird’s nest” in a large tree that the kids can climb into – kids love it!

For the smaller toddlers/ babies they have toy boxes on the floor to play with as well as a baby changing area. You don’t have to worry about your baby 4×4, there is ample space for your stroller inside the deli. In the winter they have a roaring fireplace with couches that you can sit on while toddlers play at your feet with the toys. There are even some children books placed on the lower shelves of the bookcase for the kids to enjoy. In the winter toddlers will be kept happy with all the toys but I am not sure how occupied older children will be if the weather is too bad to play outside.

Here are some pictures from their website (If these don’t entice you to immediately get in your car and drive over there I don’t know what will!):


What I like most about this venue is the atmosphere – I can sit here and feel as if I’m somewhere overseas (rather than anywhere remotely close to Stellenbosch). If you have children and want to take a break, then Delicatessen is a must to visit. But be warned that the deli is extremely popular and bookings are advisable, especially over weekends.

Baby-friendly:  8/10

Kid-friendly:  9/10

Adult-friendly:  10/10

Why Tokara’s Delicatessen is kid friendly?

  • a baby changing room
  • high chairs
  • kiddies menu (available on the website if you want a sneak peek)
  • ramps leading to the deli and space inside for prams/ strollers
  • toy boxes for younger children
  • sandpit and trendy jungle gyms in the outside play area
  • ….and the “bird’s nest”

Editor’s Notes: In August 2015 we published a new article on Delicatessen after management of the deli was changed at the end of 2014. Read our new article Tokara’s Delicatessen remains a family favourite.

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