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Kiddie-sized Shopping Trolleys At Builder’s Express

Kiddie-sized shopping trolleys at Builder’s Express

I went to Builder’s Express in Stellenbosch the other day to pick up varnish for my old wooden chairs that I sanded down as well as some other garden stuff.  I was hoping that they had those big shopping trolleys that I could put lo into.  Her running-around in shops these days is driving me a bit crazy, so I need to put her in a trolley to keep her from grabbing EVERYTHING she sees off the shelves. As I entered the shop I spotted some of the big trolleys outside as well as ones that have a baby seat on top. I thought they’d probably have some more trolleys inside so I just entered the shop.  Inside I found some more shopping trolleys that basically just hold two shopping baskets on top of each other.  That would not do…

I was on my way to make a U-turn and go get one of the bigger trolleys that I saw outside… BUT as I had already put lo down, she was busy finding her way to something she saw that attracted her attention just beside the row of trolleys.  As I was getting ready for the 100m sprint I had to stop short  in my tracks as I got a clear view of what she was after: A row of mini-trolleys for kids!  The mini-shopping trolleys look exactly like the bigger ones but only a mini-version of it.  Just the perfect height for a toddler. Without even looking at me she put her hands on the handle bar and started pushing the trolley around.  And that is how we did our shopping that day: With her pushing the trolley with both hands and me loading in stuff.  Needless to say, she loved that shopping trip!  Thank you, Builder’s Express.  What a great idea!

Just to keep you updated: last time I went to Builders the kiddie trolleys were nowhere to be found! I know Spar at Die Boord has a few… (Dec 2013)

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