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Great Garden At Hudson’s (Vredenheim) For Baby Showers And Playing!

Great garden at Hudson’s (Vredenheim) for baby showers and playing!

I have put Hudson’s on my list of fabulous places to host a baby shower and rightly so. Vredenheim (the farm on which Hudson’s is situated) has one of the most beautiful gardens in the whole area of Stellenbosch. No wonder it is such a popular place to host garden weddings and other parties like baby showers. Coming from Spier, where we were attending a Woordfees show on Saturday morning, we stopped for breakfast at Hudson’s and can you guess what? Yes, there was a baby shower already in full swing!  I should interject myself here to say that we were not necessarily after a kiddie-friendly venue but we know that Hudson’s at least have a massive lawn with lots of space for toddlers to run around and this particular morning it was very conveniently located on our route back to Stellenbosch.

Hudson’s big garden has plenty of little nooks, crannies and secret hideouts that make for a perfect game of hide and seek and slightly tucked away a romantic duck pond that will delight any child. If you are a tourist: Vredenheim is also home to a white lion sanctuary.  How’s that for being in Africa?  Wine, food, gardens, children and lions. We have it all in one place!  Like I said before, the duck pond is slightly hidden away and you will have to chaperone younger children there to keep an eye on them but the largest part of the lawn is adjacent to the coffee shop so children can run around freely but under your watchful eyes. I was delighted to see that Hudson’s recently added ( I say recently – but I’m sure it was not there last time I visited them somewhere around July 2013) a wooden jungle gym with swings and slide to their lawn with a plastic mini-jungle gym next to it with a slide suitable for toddlers. Here are some pictures of both the garden and jungle gyms. Lovely, heh?


After our visit, we think Hudson’s is not only a great baby shower venue but also a good choice if you want someplace lovely to go have breakfast or coffee with the kids.

Why Hudson’s is kiddie-friendly?

  • massive lawn
  • amazing garden to explore
  • duck pond
  • jungle gym with swings and slide
  • small toddler jungle gym and slide




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    1. Pleasure! Wasn’t my first visit and certainly won’t be my last. Here’s to keeping everyone in Stellenbosch updated on the amazing child-friendly venues we have in our town. Cheers.

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