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Gourmet Pizza And A Jungle Gym At Brenaissance

Gourmet pizza and a jungle gym at Brenaissance

4cf8dd_1257817c5bfd3db88df81376318ce488.jpg_srz_160_161_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzBrenaissance is the new kid on the block in Stellenbosch when it comes to wine estates.  Driving around one Friday afternoon we decided to pop in and take a look at the venue and menu they have to offer. Kids will be kids and the drive to wine and stud estate was just the most a 16-month-old-wide-awake baby could take in a car stool, so we were glad to arrive at the estate! Brenaissance may be found on your left hand side driving up the Devon Valley road just before you get to the Devon Valley Hotel.


The place is beautiful, with the café overlooking the river. I was very disappointed that we didn’t come here for a date out without lo! The small menu features everything you can think of to drink and gourmet pizzas. Think Colcacchio’s style. Think biltong, wild fig, Danish feta and avo and you’re on the right track. The menu includes exactly two kiddies options: Nutella on toast or a toastie with cheese and tomato/ ham. The menu is available to view on their website if you want to know more…

There is a beautiful stretch of lawn next to the river but if your toddler is too small (and as active as mine), you will have to be prepared to not sit at your table and accompany him/ her at all times to oversee that he/ she doesn’t venture to near the water’s edge. They have a lovely, large jungle gym painted in the signature black and white colours of the farm. The jungle gym can be seen from the deck of the café where most of the tables are. Although the jungle gym is on the other side of the river (the river is not that wide) the kids will definitely hear you if you shout. This jungle gym is great for older kids who can play on their own with mom and dad watching from a small distance. Here I must add that there are two tables situated right next to the jungle gym if you wish to be closer to the kids and want to give up sitting on the beautiful deck. These two tables are also adjacent to the green lawn and will allow you to keep a closer watch on the children if they want to play on the grass.

The setting of this wine estate is close to idyllic and definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for a place to go to for a coffee date/ to have a beer/wine or are in the mood for pizza.

Baby-friendly 7/10

Toddler-friendly 5/10

Kid-friendly 8/10

Adult-friendly 9/10

Why Brenaissance is kid friendly?

  • Large jungle gym
  • Parents can oversee their children (depending on the table you sit at)
  • Children’s items on the menu
  • Baby changing station
  • Baby harness chairs
  • Colour-in pictures and crayons – just ask for it

-PS: Brenaissance revisited-

Just came back from a delightful coffee and chocolate cake meeting with Hayley (owner of the farm) and Lea (her stunning marketing assistant).  Decaf for me since I am 17 weeks into my pregnancy.  Since I recently visited them they had installed a baby changing station and gotten some nifty baby harnesses for their chairs.  I am also glad to announce that they are also looking into expanding the Café and adding even more child friendly activities with a big launch in November this year.  I can’t say anything yet, so you will have to wait and see… 😉 All I can say is that when they launch I’ll be back there to blog about it… In the meantime, visit Brenaissance when you do get the opportunity.

2015 update: Brenaissance has launched a new picnic area. We hope to publish a follow-up article soon!

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  1. Thanks for the review!! So gld to be of service to the local moms & tots! We are installing the baby changing station next week to better serve you!

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