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Goats And “kids” At Fairview

Goats and “kids” at Fairview


Ok, I confess from the start that this is going to be a really short post… Then why take the time to even write it all? Because I suspect that there are many other parents out there who also wonder what there is to do for kids at Fairview Estate in Paarl. Don’t you just hate it when Google simply tells you a restaurant is “child-friendly” but then fails to provide any details as to why? It is definitely one of my pet hates and exactly the reason why I am writing this post. So here goes…

We visited Fairview for coffee and cake over the weekend en route from a family visit in Paarl. It was cold and drizzling at the time we got to the estate. The absolute main attraction for kids at Fairview is the goats’ tower. Even on the rather cold Winter’s afternoon the goats had a fair number of spectators watching over their every move. The animals climbing up the tower stairway which, by the way, doesn’t even have a railing, surely captures the imagination of adults and children alike.

The restaurant at Fairview, The Goatshed, is child-friendly in the sense that it has a kids’ menu. Our waiter was really helpful and even brought our children’s juices in plastic cups complete with straws and lids. It was as if he knew just how much our children tend to spill their drinks when eating! Apart from the “goat watching” there is not much else for kids to do at the restaurant and estate. Our kids started building their own towers and monuments with toothpicks and sugar packets they found on the table right after we placed our order (Now don’t you look at me like that! I know your toddlers do the same…).

Even though the estate doesn’t have that much going on in terms of activities to keep kids busy, I do recommend bringing the kids around sometime simply to see their faces as they watch the famous tower climbing goats. Oh, and on another note, the restaurant is soooo cozy on a Winter’s afternoon with all the heaters and fireplaces inside. In my eyes it is one of the best restaurants to cozy up in Winter. I wish we could have stayed longer to enjoy the warmth but unfortunately our table ran out of toothpicks..  😉

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