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Fun, Fun, Fun At Redberry Farm In George

Fun, fun, fun at Redberry Farm in George

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Redberry Farm is just about the most fun place in George to visit with kids. After hearing so much about the farm but never being in town during the berry season, we finally got the chance to visit Redberry this December holiday. We arrived at the farm bright and early at promptly 9 o’clock.  We had specifically planned it that way as we wanted to enjoy as much of Redberry Farm as possible before the farm was flocked by other eager Garden Route visitors in peak season. Our plan paid off and we were able to enjoy most of the farm’s activities in peace and by the time the farm really got busy we were done with the activities and already seated for brunch.

Redberry Farm has an extraordinary range of activities for little people. So much so that it almost feels like a visit to a theme park as one has to buy tickets for every activity on the farm. The upside of the ticket system is that the activities are less crowded. I guess it’s the only way they are able to manage the many visitors who swamp the farm each year!

Although it was peak season we really enjoyed our visit to the farm. We took our time in the play area (equipped with swings, “horse” seesaws, jungle gym etc.), visited the rabbits (feeding packets can be bought at the farm stall) and did a leisurely tour of the farm to take in all the activities there were to be done.

Our preschoolers were delighted when they saw the Redberry Express mini-steam train and upon return to the farm stall after our stroll through the farm we immediately had to buy tickets for this 800m-long ride!

Here is a list of all the activities on the farm:

As explained, tickets for each of these activities may be bought at the farm stall or ticket counter by the entrance.

  • The Redberry Express – a mini-steam train for kids (and parents accompanying them)
  • Strawberry picking
  • A hedge maze
  • Rabbit feeding
  • Play park
  • Pony rides
  • Dam with bumper boats and giant bubble ball (this activity is for older children and grownups)

At the farm stall a variety of refreshments, homemade jams and other berry products as well as berries produced on the farm are for sale to the public.  When the hunger strikes one can sit down at the coffee shop at the farm stall (by the main entrance) or settle down with a (pre-booked) picnic basket.

Once our kids grew tired of all the gallivanting we sat down for a brunch at the coffee shop. Actually, daddy and the baby were tired, so they sat down to order while me and the three-year old worked in another activity: strawberry picking!  I was amazed at how much our preschooler enjoyed picking her own strawberries. Afterwards I washed the strawberries at a tap next to the strawberry field and she immediately dug in – very pleased with her bountiful harvest!

Upon our return to the table, we were just in time to see our food arrive. The breakfast was good but the freshly squeezed strawberry juice was literally out of this world! I really suggest that you try it 🙂

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Redberry Farm also hosts children’s parties, so if I you stay in the area I bet this is a fun kiddies’ party option. For directions on how to get to the farm see their website. Basically, you have to follow the R404 in the direction of the George Airport. You will see the signs for Redberry Farm just outside of town driving on the R404.

We say goodbye to Redberry Farm and hope to see you again soon the next time we visit George!

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