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“Friendraising” With The Stellenbosch Mom

“Friendraising” with The Stellenbosch Mom

This week’s post is a little different to what you’re used to, because the “place” I’d like to share with you is all about giving back. I strongly believe in teaching my children that everything in life doesn’t always revolve around them and that helping others really does make the world a better place. I think it is essential for them to understand that caring for other people truly enriches both their own and other people’s lives, making life a lot more meaningful. This is why I decided to do a feature on Hagar’s Choice – a lovely, child-friendly organisation that takes care of little ones in need. 

Before I tell you more about the wonder that is Hagar’s Choice, I’d like to tell you more about the concept of “friendraising”. Basically, the question you should ask yourself is: “if there were a cause very close to your heart that needed help, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your friends support the cause with you?” Well, for me, I’d rather have passionate, die-hard friends support me and the cause than complete strangers, because this way, I’m working together with people I care about to make a real change. And that’s why friendraising has become a revolutionary new concept for many charity organisations. 

Friendraising is a kinder, gentler, fun, effective and more sustainable approach to raising money than traditional fundraising, because it is based on building a caring relationship between the cause and the person getting involved. It’s all about befriending the organisation, meaning that it asks for more meaningful interactions from the person getting involved than just donating money. Basically, the organisation is asking for a person’s help, their participation, their involvement and their good ideas. The idea is that when they are emotionally invested, their donations of their time and money would follow naturally.  

Hagar’s Choice is one of the charities that have steered away from doing conventional fundraising and prefer to friendraise too. They’re a non-profit organisation that takes care of abandoned babies and children at risk and want people who really care about the cause to get involved, because helping premature and rejected babies is no easy task. As a family, they also know what it feels like to not have anything and to have no place to call home. They have lost everything before – their house, their car, their furniture, everything. Their past experience has equipped them to help those who have no family or home either, not even someone who could temporarily provide them with a safe and secure haven to live until they are adopted.

My idea behind this post is to invite you all to get involved in helping this worthy cause. So, why not start a new “friendship” and volunteer to co-host a high tea with them? This way, you can invite a group of your friends, colleagues, or your own family to meet them and their babies and find out what they’re all about. Believe me, it makes for a beautiful morning with a lovely group of people. As a collection drive, your “entrance fee” to your event could be a pack of nappies or wet wipes, a box of milk, or a small donation.

If the work Hagar’s Choice does triggers something inside you, please contact them for more information or to arrange your own high tea. Otherwise, look out for my event details and feel free to join my high tea. It would be great to meet you and spend time together as friends in support of a wonderful cause!

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