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Fine Dining With Children At Laborie In Paarl

Fine dining with children at Laborie in Paarl

We recently attended an evening birthday party held at Laborie Wine Estate (Paarl).  It was my first time at this wine estate and I especially liked the relaxed atmosphere and ambiance the estate offers but still with the rich history behind it.  Live music greeted us on the massive stoep as we arrived at the restaurant early evening after a very hot summer’s day.  Stellenbosch was experiencing one of its first heatwaves of the summer…

Our reserved table was situated on the far right hand corner of the stoep (if you’re in front of the restaurant facing Paarl) that overlooks a nice stretch of green lawn where the kids can run around to their hearts’ desire.  This is a good spot to book if you’re bringing the kids along as this side is closest to the play area on the grass. Next to the stoep a modern play area with jungle gyms, swings, and a slide (similar to those at Tokara’s deli – all made of natural wood and branches) keep children occupied while the grownups fine dine.  The older children at the restaurant seemed to like the play area as well – they were playing in the play area the whole time we were at the restaurant – only returning to their parents’ table to grab a bite to eat before resuming play.



Apart from the play area, the Harvest restaurant at Laborie have one of the best looking kids menus I have ever seen at a restaurant. I mean, it is really cute! 🙂 I would say that the food on the menu is more for toddlers and older children than for babies as it features no baby food like mashed food. They do have meals that kids in general will enjoy (incl. kiddie hamburgers/ schnitzels and pizzas), which is a good thing as their adult menu consists of various delicious fine dine cuisine that children might not be as interested in (apart maybe from the steaks!).  All menus are available on their website.

If you want to visit this wine farm I advise you to go late afternoon/ sunset on a summer’s day to enjoy the view.

Baby-friendly  7/10

Child-friendly  8/10

Adult-friendly  9/10

Why Laborie is child-friendly?

  • high chairs for babies
  • kids menu
  • big lawn in front of the restaurant
  • modern swings, slide and jungle gym
  • changing facilities in ladies’ bathroom

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