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Familiér: A Wholesome “shopping” Experience For You And Your Family

Familiér: A wholesome “shopping” experience for you and your family

With so many things drastically changing in our world these days, more and more people are turning to more wholesome and ethical lifestyles. This includes looking for sustainable ways to do their grocery shopping and supporting ethical, local businesses. I, for one, am tired of looking for parking in crowded parking lots at conventional shopping centres or trying to keep my kids busy in a queue at the till, or, worse still, having to watch them like a hawk because of strangers lurking in aisles. I prefer a more enriching experience, without having to worry about the safety of my child, or being bombarded by row upon row of unhealthy food options.

Imagine my delight when I came across Familiér Farm Grocer on the Annandale Wine Estate in Stellenbosch! Finding healthy food for my family is so much easier now, plus I have the added peace of mind that I’m doing my grocery shopping in a safe and undisturbed environment where my children can have a real farm-style experience.

Before I do my grocery shop, I love taking in the simplistic and peaceful scenery of the farm, with chickens clucking at our feet and horses grazing in the background. The kids can safely play outside while I can linger a while over a coffee. The grocer is small and intimate, so I’d recommend giving yourself some time in case there are a few people there already – it can get a bit crowded. 

The entire Familiér experience is very authentic. It is unpretentious, without the bells and whistles, and the items they sell can only be described as simple, wholesome farm produce. As an added bonus, they sell some of the best droëwors we’ve had, so my husband is always in good spirits when I return from the shop.

The farm is also moving away from using plastic packaging, so customers are encouraged to bring their own jars when they’re buying grains, nuts, seeds, olive oil and honey. And, of course, remember to take your own shopping bags and boxes for your groceries – yay for zero waste! Parking is outside the farm itself (another bonus for keeping kids safe from speeding cars) so bear this in mind if you’re planning to get a list of items. 

I love that Familiér is free from marketing gimmicks – it’s just an organic, farm grocer that offers the following to its customers:

Ethically-sourced meat
At Familiér they believe the best meat come from grass-fed animals that are free from routine antibiotics and growth hormones.

Natural dairy
Their dairy is sourced from grass-fed cows that are free from routine antibiotics and growth hormones. All their dairy products are free from stabilisers, thickeners and preservatives.

Fresh fruit and vegetables
Only organically and sustainably grown vegetables and fruits are sourced for the store. All their produce is free from chemical pesticides.

Organic grains, nuts, seeds and spices
Shop from a wide choice of organic and unprocessed whole grains, raw nuts and seeds and non-irradiated spices.

Familiér stocks a wonderful range of condiments and delicacies that are all free from harmful ingredients.

More About Familiér

The Familiér Farm Grocer literally originated from Willem and Louanne Briedenhann’s kitchen table. Starting as a way to give their kids the best in terms of health and vitality, the couple sourced the best natural and organic foods from the area. As their kids became a testament of a healthier, more energetic lifestyle, people started asking about where they could also find such products. And that’s where the idea of a grocer originated.

At first, the couple ran the Familiér Farm Grocer from their home on the Annandale Wine Estate, but, these days, the store has taken over their entire home. The grocer now attracts both health-conscious locals looking for high-quality, natural and organic products, as well as tourists visiting the beautiful and historic Stellenbosch wine estate.

Nice to know:

●  Familiér is open daily, from Monday to Saturday, from 8am to 5pm (Saturdays until 3pm).

●  Their online shop will open soon, take a look here

●  They offer picnic platters for those who would like to make a day of it, and they cater for small functions.

●  They also host Health Discussions where a network of organic lifestyle enthusiasts come together to be introduced to new products and share lifestyle hints.

●  Annandale Wine Farm is the oldest wine farm in the Stellenbosch Helderberg region, dating back to the late 1600s. You’ll find Familiér Farm Grocer in the beautiful old manor house, which was built in the mid 1700s.

Contact Lize at for more information. Or, follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date.

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