Essential objets d’art

Essential objets d’art

Candles, candles, and more candles

In a hyper-visual world, our sense of smell is often overlooked and under-stimulated. Home fragrances and luxury candles have completely piqued my interest since most of them use natural scents as key ingredients for a holistic experience. Previously only used for illumination and religious celebrations, candles have now become an essential element in home décor. Charming, romantic, peaceful, hypnotic, and inviting, the flickering flames of candles create an instant ambience. Available in an array of fragrances, colours, textures, moulds, and carvings, candles when displayed on beautiful stands, candelabra, or placed in attractive lanterns, are a delight for the eye, even when they are not lit. When opting for fragranced candles or home fragrances in the dining room, take care to select fragrances that will complement the fragrances and flavours of your menu.

Decorative trays

Decorative trays present a unique and practical way to style an ottoman, entrance hall, console or dressing table. Aesthetically appealing and functional, their mobility allows you to whisk them off to a new location at a whim. If you want to maximise a decorative tray, you need to consider several factors, such as materials and finishes and the room it will be used in.

Top tips for terrific table trays

  1. Use bigger trays for bigger tables or ottomans
  2. Combine different heights, textures, and colours
  3. Add sculptural pieces, like a pretty knick-knack on top a stack of books
  4. Follow the “rule of three”, as odd numbers feel looser and more relaxed when it comes to decorating. For example, place a dish for your remote controls and keys, a larger decoration items, such as e a simple plant or a beautiful tall candle, and a smaller decorative object to add a bit of interest
  5. Avoid overfilling the tray with small pieces as it can look bitty and cluttered
  6. Layer pieces that are a snapshot of your personality, and remember that table trays are a great place to show off a collection


Whether it’s eating as a family during the week or entertaining friends over the weekend, most people tend to use their dining room in the evening or at night. As such, statement chandeliers and clusters of pendants above a dining table are a great way to achieve drama. If your dining room is part of your kitchen or lounge, a statement light or row of pendants will also provide a zoning effect. Before you invest in your dining room lighting, make sure to look at the ratio of light versus table.

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