Décor tip: Refresh a room with beautiful wallpaper

Décor tip: Refresh a room with beautiful wallpaper

Small refresh, BIG impact. How wallpaper can bring the WOW factor.

I love redecorating and mixing and matching beautiful fabrics, textures and objects to really bring a room to life. However, when it comes to kids décor, it can be tough, because as they grow (much faster than we expect) and change, their taste and interests change just as fast. 

Updating and changing wallpaper is one of the most useful tricks to zhoozh up any room. It can reinvigorate a tired space with colour and patterns, introduce texture into a neutral scheme and inject character into a room lacking in architectural detail. There are probably as many wallpaper choices as there are paint colours, from metallics to tropical prints, florals and geometric motifs.

I recently decided that I wanted to give my eldest daughter’s room a refresh with a beautiful, whimsical and feminine look. To pick the ideal pattern was quite a challenge, because we are really spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful design here in South Africa. I must say, all the sourcing and searching was worth it, because I love how it turned out and most importantly, she loves it too! 

After a lot of searching and mind-changing, I decided to go for a beautiful Flitter wallpaper from Cara Saven’s Pattern and Design collection. The wallpaper simply “fits”, because my daughter reminds me of a little butterfly and the symbolism of hummingbirds is so applicable to her personality (the joy of life and a lightness of being). Although the wallpaper is rather decorative, I love the fact that my daughter won’t grow out of it too quickly. As she transitions from toddler to little school girl, the wallpaper remains appropriate and we will be able to adapt the accessories and soft décor to the different colour scheme in the design. I love that it’s very feminine and girly, but also elegant and whimsical – the perfect combination for her classical, French-inspired room. 

Cara Saven Wallpaper
Flitter Design

I also chose wallpaper for the family room/pyjama lounge that leads to the children’s rooms and I love how these two wallpapers complement each other. We went with Hannah’s Choice, a stunning soft green and pink “mystical forest” inspired design, also from Cara Saven’s Pattern and Design collection. 

Cara Saven Wallpaper
Hannah’s Choice Design

Are you looking for something to spruce up your kids décor as well? ‘Go for designs that are impactful, while still allowing you a bit of flexibility when it comes to colour. A younger child might prefer this design below with matching pink bedding while an older tween might go for charcoal linen and a neon sign on the opposite wall.’ – Cara Saven (This design under Cara Saven’s KIDS range is called Flamingo Fest.)

Flamingo Fest Design Courtesy of Cara Saven

Keep an eye out for a new blog post that will follow soon where I share which wallpaper I chose for the rest of the kids rooms and our newborn’s nursery reveal!



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