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Community Keepers’ Non-Event

Before we all properly hibernate into the Easter weekend, I want to bring the Community Keepers’ non-event event to your attention. They recently reached out to me and I think supporting their event is really worth considering. After reading about what they do it made me think of how fortunate I am to be in a safe place every day and to be able to give my family a safe home during this lockdown period. That’s something other children don’t necessarily have and we so easily take for granted.

Please take a moment and read their story:

During the COVID-19 lockdown, staying at home is the safest place for you, but for thousands of children across the Western Cape, it is not the safest option. Nearly 37 000 children in the Western Cape were removed from their homes in 2019, because their homes were deemed too dangerous due to the prevalence of traumatic events, including negligence, abuse and rape. Vulnerable children face trauma every single day. “Staying at home” is not a safe option for them.

Community Keepers is run by a team of psychologists, social workers, registered counsellors and life guidance facilitators who are based on-site at primary schools and high schools and offer a free service in the poorest of communities. They provide a safe space for vulnerable children, they help them cope, survive and then thrive. Following the COVID-19 lockdown their case load will be higher than ever.

In order to help raise funds, Community Keepers is throwing a “party” on the 15thof April, but you don’t have to go. Stay at home and feel good about not attending this non-event, knowing that 100% of your ticket price goes directly to caring for vulnerable children who have faced the trauma of COVID-19 (in a different way to you).

Your ticket will ensure that they can reach one more vulnerable child who has had to face atrocities that one should never have to face. If you want to show that you care, then get your tickets for only R45 here.

It’s definitely a party I’m not going to miss..

Now more than ever, let’s all appreciate what we have at home.

Have a beautiful and blessed Easter everyone!

From my family to yours,


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