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Child-friendly H(e)aven At The Stone Kitchen In Wellington

Child-friendly h(e)aven at The Stone Kitchen in Wellington

On one of the many holidays that came along in April we were keen to explore the countryside of Wellington as we had no energy for a trip into the city or the V&A Waterfront that is usually swarmed with people on holidays. It turned out to be a great decision! We discovered a hidden gem between the mountains just outside of Wellington: The Stone Kitchen on the Dunstone Estate is the perfect venue in Wellington for breakfast or light lunches if you have kids.

PS: Before you read any further… A follow-up article was written in May 2018 when we revisited The Stone Kitchen.  Please read it here.

The idea to visit The Stone Kitchen came by way of a “tip” I received from a reader and, boy, did she hit the nail on the head!  The venue has a beautiful setting in the countryside between the mountains with plenty to offer for children.  I especially love their outdoor blankets and cushions that they have strewn all over the lawn. Worked like a charm for our 6 month old baby who wants to sit and play with her toys but still needs to be propped up by some cushions.  I wish more venues would opt for this simple but very effective seating option for families with children.

Besides the picnic blankets and cushions there are also some small-scale kiddies tables. To entertain the kids there is a big, wooden jungle gym (love the dog motif on its side that is the symbol of the estate) on a sandpit filled with sand toys.  There are also some swings and a horse seesaw.  A smaller play area at the one end of the lawn contains a trampoline, climbing apparatus and a car the toddlers can “drive” that is built from old steel drums.  You can open a white picket fence gate and take the children on a lovely short path to discover a duck pond that is slightly tucked away. If you can hear the ducks quacking then they’re sure to be splashing in the pond! The Stone Kitchen also offers a kiddies menu for the smaller guests.

More photos of the child-friendly side of The Stone Kitchen may be viewed on their website. We took our time with breakfast and spend a lazy morning in the Stone Kitchen’s garden. It felt just like a morning spent in one’s own garden at home – just with service added and lots of things to keep the kids occupied!

-An afterthought-

We had some trouble finding the venue thanks to my smartphone not being smart enough to get my Google maps to work at the time (or maybe it was due to bad reception). Whatever the case may be, here are some directions to make your life easier as I struggled to find directions on their website. Make sure to keep it handy on your drive to Dunstone!

Directions to Dunstone Estate, The Stone Kitchen, from Stellenbosch (R44).

Drive into Wellington. At the big Dutch Reformed church with Andrew Murray’s statue in front, turn RIGHT into Church Street. Continue with Church Street until it takes you out of the town centre. The road will take you out of Wellington into the countryside but don’t worry, you’re still on the right track. Just after the Bovlei cellar (on your right) turn LEFT into Hill Road and immediately take the next RIGHT into Bovlei Road. Continue a short distance and at the T-junction turn RIGHT again. You should still be in Bovlei Road. Continue until the road becomes a gravel road. Once again, don’t panic as it is only a short drive on the gravel.  Pass the sign that says Dunstone Guesthouse and take the next entrance on your right that reads Dunstone Wine Tasting.



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