Signs of Spring

This time of year it is hard to resist the subtle call of the new season. Spring is slowly revealing itself with its beautiful array of fragrances and colourful blossoms.

A Cosy Winter Abode

A stylish and impactful table setting, I find, is often inspired by the wonderful outdoors. My love for bringing the garden indoors is especially amplified during the colder winter months, because we tend to be inside a lot more. For my winter styling, I collaborated with Willem van Schalkwyk, anthophile and entrepreneur, from @InBloomZA. He …

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An Autumn Inspired Tablescape

I always look to nature for inspiration and for my friend’s farewell brunch I wanted to use this special occasion to show you how to transform and elevate your tablescape using seasonal blooms, materials and select homeware pieces. When I’m hosting an event (big or small), I always try to bring the garden indoors and …

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That Golden Festive Feeling

With the uncertainty that is so rife at the moment and everything that is going on around us, being optimistic is so important. And as uncomfortable as it may feel to many, pushing ourselves to be hopeful about the future while this pandemic continues may be a crucial way for us to maintain some semblance …

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