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Cape Garden Centre’s Sandpit, Oh, Wow!

Cape Garden Centre’s sandpit, oh, wow!

I just came from the Cape Garden Centre which is situated on the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West. I often forget about this kid-friendly venue and haven’t been there in a long time. Today I realized what I have missed. The tables of the coffee shop are placed around the play area to form a border surrounding it. This is probably the closest-to-the-play-area seating that I know of at a coffee shop. Also surrounding the play area on the inside of the “adult” tables there are miniature replicas of the same tables with umbrellas so that the children can sit next to you at a table adapted to their height. And if you have a baby or a young toddler you don’t even have to sit at your table but you can join them in the play area if you wish!

The best aspect of this venue is its play area: It consists of one humongous sandpit and in it you can find every kind of play thing known to a child: Jungle gym with three different slides, plastic buckets and spades, other toys to play in the sand with, swings, trampoline, seesaws, skateboards, different kinds of bicycles – they have left nothing out. This is a venue where children of all ages can play. Boys especially will enjoy the John Deere tractors that are pedal-driven! For the smaller babies who have just learned to sit there are shell-shaped plastic sandpits filled with sand and plastic balls.  Babies can sit here and put their fingers in the sand while watching the older children who are big enough to venture to the swings or trampoline right next to you.

I had the loveliest afternoon with some girlfriends and the little ones and can’t wait to go there again to let the kids “play it out”. Obviously, this venue is best visited in summer or a sunny day in winter.

Baby-friendly:  7/10

Kid-friendly:  9/10

Adult-friendly:  7/10

Why Cape Garden Centre is kid-friendly?

  • one huge play area
  • jungle gym, sandpit, trampoline, swings, seesaw, castle, bicycles, skateboards and other toys
  • adult seating area surrounds the play area
  • special mini-tables for the children to sit at
  • kids menu

PS: Good idea: Last time I visited this venue the staff were preparing little party packs for a kiddies’ party. You pay per party pack which contains healthy snacks for the kids and you can choose to bring in your own birthday cake or they can prepare one for you. This is a great venue for an active outdoor party that children will love!

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