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Canal Walk Has Nursing Rooms

Canal Walk has nursing rooms

If you are breastfeeding your lo, this shopping mall is for you. Canal Walk has nursing rooms complete with sliding doors for privacy, a comfy bench to sit on and a flat screen television to watch while your breastfeeding (although I have no idea how to change the channels or switch on the volume on it).

Although the nursing room is private, hubby and other kids may also enter the main changing area. There is also a private loo with a separate door for privacy. Just don’t know how you are going to relieve yourself if you’re shopping on your own. You will have to leave the pram (and baby!)  in the main changing area because there is not enough space in the loo to take in a pram with you. So you will have to do your business with lo in your arms! Unless you try the loo for the disabled…

Next time you are out shopping at CW, be sure to ask at the Info Desk at which entrances you may find their changing and nursing rooms.

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