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BlueJay Farmstall For The Best Fruit In Stellenbosch

BlueJay farmstall for the best fruit in Stellenbosch

I recently discovered the best place to buy fresh fruit in Stellenbosch at a fraction of the price you would pay in the supermarket right on my doorstep. BlueJay is a fruit farm situated on the R44 to Paarl just outside Stellenbosch. If the name sounds familiar it is probably because you have seen some of their delicious fruit juices on the shelves at your local grocery store.

All of the BlueJay juices and fresh fruit are available at the farm stall as well as some freshly baked goodies. They also have a bargain box filled with the fruit that is too small or have a few scratches but still taste just as good. You can fill a plastic bag (the bag is the size bag that 1kg apples are sold in) for R5 and sometimes for R3. Last week I got a bag of pears for R5 and and another bag filled with peaches for R3!

If you’d rather not buy from the bargain box they sell the highest quality fruits per box or punnet. If the box is too much for your family then ask for half a box like I do. Plums, peaches, yellow clings, nectarines, pears, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc are grown on the farm and packed for well-known chain stores. These same fruits are available for you to buy as well as some fruits that are not grown on the farm.

The farm stall also have tables where one can sit and enjoy some of their delicious freshly baked goods: carrot cakes, muffins, quiches and some good-value-for-money breakfasts and sandwiches. Of course there are also some jungle gyms and swings outside so that the kids can play and you can do your fruit shopping in peace.


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