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Delightful Dunstone’s Revamped Bistro And Indoor Playroom

Delightful Dunstone’s revamped bistro and indoor playroom

20180512_104748 (Large)

It was exactly four years ago in the May of 2014 that we stumbled onto this gem at the foot of the Hawequa mountains and fell in love with the Dunstone Estate just outside Wellington.  Set among the guava trees with pristine views on the mountains and free roaming pigs in the orchard, it is truly a unique experience to visit this estate.  In September last year an indoor playroom was added as part of a total revamp of the estate’s bistro, The Stone Kitchen.

Welcome to the “new” The Stone Kitchen!20180512_113317 (Large)

We were, once again, out on a day trip to Wellington on a Saturday morning and since we couldn’t put the great memories of our visit 4 years ago out of our heads, we decided that we had to visit Dunstone again.  Are you ever scared that after you had an absolutely great time at a place and you revisit that same place a couple of years later that you will end up having a terrible time the second time round only to mess up the fond memories of that first time?  Yip. That’s me.

Not to worry.  We were blown away on our second visit!  It turns out that the bistro underwent a major renovation end of last year.  <High fives all around>   But why are we so enamoured with this specific estate?  The estate is nestled between the orchards and when sitting at the back in the garden, it feels like you are dining in an orchard.  When we were there in May it was guava time and you could pick your own for a price per bag.  The free roaming wild pigs also seemed to like the ripe guavas that fell down.  🙂 The bistro and garden offer some lovely views on the mountains and it feels surreal to be having French Toast in such a beautiful setting.  Like you are supposed to be sitting overseas.  Except, that we rather like our country and we think it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world; Dunstone, rather proves this point.

To get back to why we were double impressed by this estate the second time round… Along with the renovations a new indoor play room was added.  It has large doors that open onto the garden so kids can access it from outside if you are seated in the garden.  A glass window offers parents a view from the inside of the bistro if you are sitting inside plus French doors allow for access from inside.

20180512_105604 (Large)

20180512_105513 (Large)

20180512_105439 (Large)

20180512_105409 (Large)

Here is a peak inside the bistro, although I highly recommend sitting in the garden for the kids if the weather is any good.  But in Winter this spot in front of the fire-place sure looks perfect!  Notice the window that allows parents to look into the play room.  Also, the double doors that provide access to the play room from inside the bistro.

20180512_112937 (Large)

20180512_112904 (Large)

Outside in the garden the fun really starts.  Rather than asking what there is to do for kids, you should be asking “what is there not to do?”  The outdoor space also received some attention during the renovations and the extra little details show!  From sand pits, swings, trampoline, play kitchen, slides to putt-putt, there is so much to do that the kids will probably never get bored.  And if they do, they can go back to the play room and get back to rock climbing or building Lego’s.

20180512_112513 (Large) (2)

The outside tables are set in-between the trees at the back of the photo below which gives one a feeling of sitting in the orchard:20180512_112609 (Large)

See the orchard on the left in this photo?  And the ripe guavas 🙂

20180512_112559 (Large)

Once again, the surrounding orchards make for a lovely backdrop to this part of the play area:

20180512_112547 (Large) 20180512_112535 (Large)

But the real reason why our little family is so in love with this place?  For us, the beauty lies in the details and the pleasure in small things…

Like this hideaway play kitchen tucked between the trees:

20180512_111445 (Large)

20180512_111442 (Large)

Or the path leading from the garden to the duck pond:

20180512_111549 (Large)

20180512_111517 (Large)

Fancy a game of Boules?

20180512_112628 (Large)

20180512_113637 (Large)

20180512_113554 (Large)

Apart from the bistro there is a beautiful guesthouse on the premises.  I cannot even imagine the pure luxury of spending a weekend on the farm away from all the hustle and bustle!   It is a unique stay in the Cape Winelands that I can recommend to foreign tourists reading this blog.

Next time you are in Wellington make sure to put breakfast at The Stone Kitchen on your to-do-list. | +27 (0)21 873 6770 | Nov – April (Summer) from 08:30 – 16:00 | May – Oct (Winter) Wed to Sunday 08:30 – 16:00 | Dinner on Fri & Sat ’till 22:00

PS: Want to read more? Read our past article on Dunstone here.

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