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Back To School With CRUNCH

Back to school with CRUNCH

Our toddler started preschool this year and we were all very excited for her first day. With this being my firstborn, I wasn’t aware of the big role her lunchbox would play in her day-to-day interactions with her teachers and new little friends.

Don’t get me wrong, as a certified Health Coach, I understand the importance of nutrition at school, but I found that packing her actual lunchbox and struggling to find the right container for her lunch every day was the thing that caught me off-guard. There are so many options, but very few that actually work, both practically and in terms of their compartments and design. That was until I came across CRUNCHBOX.

Let’s just say, it’s the coolest thing you could pack in your child’s school bag since Smiggle – the brightly coloured children’s stationery that kids love! Think colourful, vibrant, trendy and spill proof lunchboxes! Oh, and they can be personalised, are brilliantly designed and proudly made in South Africa, too! I simply can’t stop raving about this brand. It has created wonderful independence within my toddler as she insists on packing her own lunch. Plus, they’ve made me a very popular aunt among our family and friends as they’ve become my go-to Christmas and birthday presents. The excitement and amazement on the children’s faces when they see their favourite character with a personalised label brings them (and me) such joy. It just never gets old!

The CRUNCHBOX hold liquids without leaking, they’re BPA-Free and they have perfect little spaces for snacks and nibbles. Plus, with each lunchbox sold, a child in need is fed for a day through the Peninsula School Feeding Association. What an amazing incentive to support this local brand.


CRUNCHBOX was founded by Vanessa Gardner, a Cape Town mother of three who wanted to make the daily chore of preparing lunchboxes interesting, fun and nutritionally-balanced.

She had the idea of a compartmentalised lunchbox and soon realised that it would help with portion control and encourage food group variety. The compartments help keep food fresh and separate and makes it easy for parents to pack healthy, balanced meals for kids of all ages.

“It is an unassailable fact that nutrition enables learning. Children need a varied and balanced diet, while parents strive for convenience and simplicity. I believe CRUNCHBOX provides the solution,” Vanessa says.

I really love this product and can’t recommend CRUNCHBOX enough. Whether you are going to continue with homeschooling or whether your children are slowly but surely going back to school make sure you order one to get the excitement going nonetheless!

For more details, visit their website here:


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