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Baby-friendly Cape Gate Mall

Baby-friendly Cape Gate mall

OK, so maybe not the best adult friendly mall considering the layout and overall type of shops that one finds in this mall. But here are the facts: Cape Gate is as close to Stellenbosch as is Somerset Mall. Somerset Mall must be the least kid friendly (and adult friendly) place to shop. Why? The layout is horrific. The lack of connecting hallways between the two ends of the mall makes for kilometers of walking between any two single shops that you want to visit. Don’t you just always wish you were one of the mall guards whisking around on their gholf carts or two-wheel-whatsamathingies? I certainly do and I never drag a kid there unless they’re in a stroller (that I still have to push for kilometers). But never would I shop here with a nagging tired-of-walking kid on my trail. Now, that I’ve blown off some steam…

This is why I prefer Cape Gate mall if I’m looking for the closest mall outside of Stellenbosch. Paarl Mall is also an option but Cape Gate has more shops.

Cape Gate has changing rooms available for babies with a big comfy chair where you can sit and breastfeed. I still can’t believe how few malls have space for a mom to nurse! Seriously, do they rather want us nursing in public? Don’t take me wrong – I love the beautiful feeding aprons that are available these days, but they only work until baby gets big enough to squirm around and start pulling at the annoying apron covering his head!

Why Cape Gate is kid-friendly:

  •  changing rooms where you can nurse
  • movies to entertain the kids
  • not as busy as some of the other malls, so easier to keep an eye on your lo’s
  • lifts available at almost all places where the elevators are situated so it is easy to move between the two levels of the mall with a stroller

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