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Animal Farm And Playground At Stodels, Bellville

Animal farm and playground at Stodels, Bellville

pony (Custom)

Nurseries are usually some of the most wonderful places to take children to and Stodels in Bellville is no exception. The animal farm, pet shop department and playground at the coffee shop all form part of Stodels’ appeal for parents with kids.

The pet shop

The pet shop department at Stodels provides a wonderful opportunity for children to see some small pets up close. Plenty of tanks with fishes to be viewed. On your way to the pet department the entertainment already starts with Koi dams and Koi fish containers. In the pet shop itself more fish species in about twenty plus small tanks may be viewed. Other pets to be seen in this department of Stodels are pet birds in cages (budgies, etc), rabbits, mice, rats and hamsters. After our visit to the playground at the coffee shop the kids literally dragged me back here for another look at the rabbits and fishes before we went home.


How to find your way to the pet department at Stodels

When arriving at Stodels, walk through the building where the info desk and pay points are located until you get outside to the plants section. You will see the newly opened Stodels Café on your right and the bathrooms on your left hand side.  To visit the pet department, turn left here and walk straight ahead.

The animal farm & playground

The animal farm is pretty much the highlight for Stodels’ smallest visitors. The open outside cages at Stodels house quite a range of interesting animals. Children are able to view, as well as allowed to feed, the bearded goats, ponies, llamas, rabbit and marmosets. There is also a small duck pond with double gates allowing visitors to go inside and visit the feathery friends.

Apart from the animal farm the outside coffee shop has an amazing kids’ playground. From jungle gyms with monkey bars, swings and slides to sand, see-saws, trampolines and a jumping castle make this a very exciting play area for children. The train-themed jungle gym is an attraction on its own. The coffee shop serves kiddies meal from their kids menu.

playground at stodels

train jungle gym



duck pond (Custom)

How to find your way to the animal farm & playground

Enter Stodels through the main entrance, walk straight ahead until you are out of the building. Keep going straight ahead through the plants section until you reach the outdoor coffee shop with the wooden decks. You will immediately see the playground surrounding the coffee shop. Go to the right and round the back of the coffee shop to find the animal farm.

Other activities at Stodels

We did not even get round to the Reptile Park at Stodels that is open daily to visitors. Other activities that are weekend and special times only are train rides through the garden centre, water balls (get inside an inflated ball on the water), carousel and remote control cars. We visited during the morning in the week and last mentioned rides were closed.

Address:  Eversdal Road,  Bellville | Contact: 021 919 1106

 Stodels is definitely one of the nurseries with the most fun activities for children in Western Cape. If you know of other child-friendly nurseries, please let us know!


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