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When a passion for family and a determined mindset meet, a lifestyle blog like The Stellenbosch Mom comes to life. Not satisfied with the average offerings of “child-friendly” restaurants that hardly serve anything out-of-the-ordinary and fail to create a safe and secure environment where kids can play, we were inspired to start looking for local spots and hidden gems in and around Stellenbosch that would either surprise and delight or never disappoint.

But, here’s the thing, The Stellenbosch Mom is more than just another blog about where to go with one’s kids. It’s a community for like-minded parents and modern families who are looking to create memorable moments at places that are more than just child-friendly. The Stellenbosch Mom is about having a health-orientated approach to everything that concerns family life.

Driven by environmental stewardship, sustainable living and responsible consumption, The Stellenbosch Mom strives to support local hangouts, cafés, hotels and getaways that are socially and environmentally conscious. Because if we don’t all start playing an active role in creating the future we want for our children, who will?

We believe in sustainable hospitality, fresh and seasonal fare that is healthy and delicious for both adults and children and strive to find hotspots and quaint corners that cater to those who are looking for more than just a restaurant. And when an establishment is socially responsible and uses ethically-sourced produce, it makes the entire experience of giving back so much more fulfilling.

The Stellenbosch Mom’s stamp of approval

  • It’s sustainable and environmentally-friendly
    For example, the restaurant, café or getaway uses ethically-farmed produce, aims to reduce its carbon footprint, recycles and applies farm-to-table principles.
  • It’s safe for children
    There are child-friendly amenities or entertainment on the premises and parents can see their children on the playground.
  • It’s socially responsible
    The business uplifts the local community, supports local artisans and uses locally-sourced produce.
  • It’s soulful
    There’s just something about it – you can feel the love when you’re there and really experience the staff’s dedication through their personal service.

About me (and my family)

Family time is precious and as a modern, work-at-home mom, who is running a household, raising children and building a business, I really know the value of spending quality time with the family. Every moment spent together is either an opportunity to create a special memory or a chance for learning to occur. As parents, my husband and I believe that it is our responsibility to raise children who’ll become responsible adults. We think there’s no better way to do that than by showing them, from a young age, that taking care of themselves, other people and the environment is all part of living a meaningful life.

Who Founded The Stellenbosch Mom?

You’ll see that the original owner of the blog, another passionate Stellenbosch-based mom, spotted a lot of the lovely family-friendly places in the area and wrote some of the older blog posts. Since I have taken over the business, I will also explore all the child-friendly venues with my family, but from a fresh new angle.

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